Why analyze the stock market? Because through analysis, you can compare all the benefits, features, prices for yourself directly and choose the best stock market available to suit your investment style and budget. Here is an analysis of one of the best stock market trading software, please refer to our Scanz review to know more.

About Scanz

Scanz is the best software for new traders. After installing the software, you will get the exact data that Scanz provides. This software is recommended for players who want a simple, powerful workflow with charts and real-time live news. Because it has the ability to scan the market on a large scale to find fluctuations that you can trade for profit.

Scanz review


Scanz Features

Real-Time Scanning

Scanz provides one of the most user-friendly, powerful, and flexible scanners. Now you can navigate your way to scanning nirvana just by pointing and clicking.

Fully Customizable z

Pro Scanner allows you to perform everything from simple single rule scans to complex multi-role and variable scans. Take it as far as you can with your imagination.

Unlimited Saved Scans

Make your own scan collection that you can access at any moment with a single click! There are no restrictions on how many you can have.

Price Filters

Choose from more than 50 price variables, including Last Price, Bid, Ask, Net Change, percent Change, Opens, Closes, Highs, Lows, and more.

Liquidity Filters

Choose from a large number of liquidity indicators, including Volume, Dollar Volume, Number of Trades, and many more.

Technical Filters

Moving Averages, MACD, Bollinger Bands, and many other Technical Indicator and Oscillator variables are available to choose from.

Fundamental Filters

Financials, Share Structure, Float, Market Capitalization, Short Data, and more are among the Fundamental factors available.

Scan by Market

Researching the markets is important to traders. Scanz runs a scan for Nasdaq, a second for NYSE, and a third for OTC. All of them is combined into one. With a few clicks, you can accomplish whatever you want.

Scan by Stock Types

You may get as exact as you want with the Stock Types feature. Regular securities, ETFs, Foreign stocks, Bankrupt stocks, Delinquent stocks, Preferred shares, and more than a dozen more types of securities are all available there for you to analyze.

Smart Memory

For each scan, all data columns that have been set up and stored will be remembered. With data columns that represent each unique scan, this makes your scans incredibly relevant.


Don’t waste your time on trades that aren’t worth your time. To find out which stocks have the most volatility and liquidity, use the auto-sorting feature.

Powerful Data Columns

Get access to data that will assist you in making better decisions. The results of a scan can include useful information about a company’s fundamentals, technicals, price, and liquidity.

Scanz Review


– Amazing filters with real-time intelligence

– Easy to use, fast, and powerful screening technique analysis

– Awesome Broker Integration Kit


– Do not integrate with social networks

– Doesn’t provide as many charts as other types of software

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