Divi makes it easy for us, to build beautiful websites every day. In many cases, you want or need some more features. On this website you find tutorials, plugins, and guides to take your Divi skills to the next level! Let’s follow my DiviMode review to know more.

Divi Areas Pro Review

Developed by Divimode, with over 20,000 active installations, Divi Areas Pro is unquestionably the most well-known Divi Extension. This premium Divi plugin is more than just a Divi Popups upgrade. It is the most recent method of creating websites.

You can create really interactive features with Popups, Fly-ins, Tooltips, and Dynamic Inline Areas. Therefore, the content of your website is so engaging.

Every Divi Area had its own set of display conditions. Therefore, you can offer a Popup on some sites or merely show a contact form to clients who have logged in.

For each region, fine-tune the trigger: After a few seconds, when you scroll down, when you exit, or even when you hover over a certain element, show that. Create entire JavaScript custom triggers if you like. You have chosen this option.

The goal of Divi Areas is to provide support for all of Divi’s modules. It works well with the Divi Page Builder plugin, WooCommerce, the Extra theme, and many other things.

The plugin is built on a tried-and-true, highly customizable API that you can integrate into your theme to start bringing your website to the next level.

In the admin panel, there is no rubbish. Code that is both clean and thoroughly documented. It keeps everything straightforward and easy. They’re concentrating on giving you a cutting-edge tool that appears to have always been part of Divi.

The interface is so similar to Divi that you (and your customers) won’t even realize you’ve installed a new plugin! There is no prior learning experience, no CSS courses to learn, and no weird, scientific jargon.



Popups for Divi Review

Now you can create as many popups as you want in a professional visual builder. I like the flexibility of its features, allowing you to show the when clicking a link or button or on exit-intent. Thanks to the code being well optimized, your page still loads at a high speed.

Popups for Divi are and will be free: there are no payments, no advertisements, no nags, just Popups. It is released under a GPL-compatible license. Every Divi-Section can easily turn into a Popup now. The Divis Section-Settings Modal has an intuitive user interface that makes configuration a breeze. DiviMode will the code and upgrade to support you all the time.



From my DiviMode review, you are free to enjoy all DiviMode coupons to save as much as possible.



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