There’s no healthier and easier way to get in shape like jumping rope. With just a jump rope, you can boost your enthusiasm and willpower during exercise. Read my Buy Jump Ropes review to discover the best kind of jump ropes for beginners.

Why Choose Buy Jump Ropes?

Reputable & Quality Brand

High Quality Ropes - Buy Jump Ropes review
High Quality Ropes – Buy Jump Ropes review

Buy Jump Ropes has another name which is EliteSRS Fitness. This store is created by the effort and zeal of a former competitive jumper, Matt Hopkins.

He coached many national and world jump rope champions. After that, he decided to use his experience to found this premium brand. Therefore, Buy Jump Ropes always offers the best jump ropes at the most affordable prices to their customers.

Besides, Buy Jump Ropes assemble all of their products at a warehouse in Wenatchee, WA. So, if you want to choose or customize any features of the rope, you can contact them directly. Their staffs are always ready to make the most suitable rope for gyms, fitness centers, hotel chains and jump rope trainers.

Money Back Guarantee

This online store provides jump ropes and other fitness accessories to people around the world. However, in the event that you are not satisfied with an item, you can make a return or request a refund.

The warranty period for each product is 30 days. In other words, the store will refund, repair or replace some parts or even that defective product.

FIT+ Buy Jump Ropes Review for Beginners

For those who are new to jump rope, I recommend the Fit+ which is a perfect choice to start their fitness journeys.

FIT+ Buy Jump Ropes Review for Beginners
FIT+ Buy Jump Ropes Review for Beginners

Firstly, it’s an all-around fitness and conditioning jump rope. The Fit+ rope has long handles. So, you can easily make freestyle and release moves. Secondly, you can replace the PVC cord anytime. For example, you want to change it when the cord is worn out or when you want to use a cord with different color.

The Fit+ comes with a 10 foot cord. I think this size will fit anyone with a maximum height of 6 ‘6 “. Moreover, you’re able to resize thanks to its snap/lock system.

The original price of this product is $12.49. However, Hotreview4u will give you the latest Buy Jump Ropes coupons. This is a good way to save your money so don’t miss this opportunity!

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Great Offer

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