Backpack Buddha offers spiritually conscious products. Recently, they’ve used eco-friendly materials to create Backpack Buddha mask. This review is about a beautiful and sturdy shield that can protect you from COVID-19.

Mayan Protection Shield

Mayan Protection Shield - Backpack Buddha Mask
Mayan Protection Shield – Backpack Buddha Mask

Do you feel uncomfortable when wearing ordinary masks?

Don’t worry as you’ll no longer experience shortness of breath while wearing the Mayan Protection Shield. In fact, the mask sits about a 1/2 inch from your lips. Therefore, it’s easier to breathe and speak with others.

Besides, you can use this mask at the same time as the N95 mask. This is a great method to create an absolute protective shield for your health.

A Mayan Protection Shield has 2 layers. Backpack Buddha uses 100% cotton authentic Maya fabric to make the first layer. Especially, the second layer is a mix of cotton and polypropylene. The n95 mask also uses this material to increase its antibacterial ability.

Furthermore, you can adjust the height of the shield with the velcro straps.

  • Head strap: 78 cm from end to end.
  • Neck strap: 66 1/2 from end to end.

This Protection Shield also has a malleable metal insert. So, people who wear glasses can adjust it to prevent glasses from fogging.

Finally, the mask not only protects users from airborne droplets, but also is a unique fashion accessory. Just buy one Mayan shield, you will get one for free. The first one has beige as the main color. The second one is mixed from different colors.

Backpack Buddha Mask Review

Backpack Buddha Mask Review
Backpack Buddha Mask Review

Now, let’s read a few reviews from buyers to see if it’s worth your money.

Tami B: Does not make glasses fog up! I took straps off, they don’t work well and added elastic ear piece, now they are perfect.

Gene D: Unlike other masks, my Backpack Buddha mask doesn’t slip down as I talk.  Stylish too!

Tom P: Amazing masks. Very sturdily built and the adjustable nose bridge works great. And I can whistle for my dog with it on!

Erika R: Lovely woven fabric. And I appreciate how the construction allows some distance between my face and the mask.

Most of the reviews are 4 to 5 stars. So, if you decide to buy this product, you should use my Backpack Buddha discount code to save more.

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Let’s beat COVID-19 together!

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