Abs After Babies Reviews: Back In Shape After Pregnancy

Abs After Babies Reviews

Abs After Babies reviews: It’s terrible to look at the abs in the mirror after giving birth. After some failed ways of weight loss, some would feel very discouraged and hopeless. If you are one of them, don’t worry and give it a try with a special program from Abs After Babies. Let’s explore this special program through our Abs After Babies reviews.

According to the advice of the obstetrician, you should rest for at least 2 months before starting a diet or exercise in the case of normal delivery and 6 months in the case of a cesarean section. Because this is enough time for your body to recover.

Who made the Abs After Babies program?

Her name is Kelly, Dr. Kelly. She is a dentist, sports nutritionist, personal trainer, pre and post-natal exercise specialist, and diastasis recti specialist. Kelly has four children now.

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On the road to getting his abs back after giving birth, Kelly developed diastasis recti (abdominal separation) and an umbilical cord hernia. Dr. Kelly’s own journey to heal her diastasis recti and reclaim her body after having children inspired her to help other women do the same.

Before developing her highly sought-after Abs After Babies Program, Dr. Kelly spent two years researching and studying under two different women’s health physical therapists who are experts in the field of diastasis recti.

Abs After Babies program reviews

If you don’t have a doctor who can guide you in diet, supplement, and workout after giving birth, then Abs After Babies is a perfect choice for you. Two options are available: 

A 10-week program

A 10-week program, which cost $59.99 only. What you will learn from the program

Diet & Supplementation Tips: In the program, Kelly points out and gives you the list of foods, supplements, appropriate portion sizes, and the health benefits of this nutrition plan. All of them are vital for your body.

Exercise Movement Instructions: She provides you with both written and visual instructions to assist you in recovering from pregnancy. Many of these exercises will be unfamiliar to you. To avoid injury and achieve the best results, it is critical to perform the correct exercises with the proper form.

Specific Training Program

Training will be divided into four weeks. You will set a goal for each week and implement an Action Plan to achieve that goal. You’ll be surprised at how much progress you make each week.

Many mommies have failed in their journey to get the body back after pregnancy time because they don’t do exercises often and get bored easily. Therefore, during taking the Abs After Babies program, you will receive a lot of encouragement and reminder from Dr. Kelly.

It’s necessary for a process that requires perseverance and stability.

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Moreover, to avoid unwanted issues, Dr. Kelly also points out which foods, and workout movements you shouldn’t do during the program.

If you are afraid that 10 weeks are not enough and you can achieve your target, you have option #2 prenatal ab program for a one-time payment. With only $19.99, you get:

  • 9 months of ab-focused exercises with videos
  • Regain core strength fast after pregnancy
  • Minimize Diastasis Recti (abdominal separation)


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