Since the Oscars expanded the scope of the election, all streaming platforms want to win this prestigious award. Of course, the “tycoon” Netflix is ​​never out of the race. Here are 4 Netflix movies about to compete for the Oscars 2022 that you should not miss.

4 Netflix’s Efforts For Oscars 2022

1.      The Power of the Dog

The Power of the Dog is Netflix’s most formidable “warrior”. The film is based on the novel by Thomas Savage.

The story is about the love between grumpy cowboy Phil (Benedict Cumberbatch) and sensitive young man Peter. He is George’s stepson while George is Phil’s younger brother. Peter’s mother is a widower. She remarried George. However, Phil thinks his brother is being taken advantage of. Therefore, he is very hostile to his sister-in-law. Moreover, he did not like Peter’s gentle personality.

The Power of the Dog was once called another version of “Brokeback Mountain”. Both films feature cowboys as the main characters – male symbols of the time.

But this film offers more than a tragic love story. The Power of Dog is a contemplative journey into the nuances of masculinity and empathy. I think it deserves a place on the nomination list for the Oscars 2022.

2.      Don’t Look Up

Don’t Look Up focuses on two scientists Mindi (Leo DiCaprio) and Dibiasky (Jennifer Lawrence). One day, they discovered a large meteorite on its way to Earth. After 6 months and 14 days, it will put an end to human civilization. So, they rushed to warn the government. However, saving the planet is overlooked by many problems. The main reasons are political interests, social divisions, fake news and skepticism, etc.

This black comedy reflects all of America’s social problems. The ironic look made the audience love the movie. However, Don’t Look Up left critics frustrated and disappointed.

Either way, Don’t Look Up leaves an impression with its message and star cast. Hopefully the movie can do the same at the Oscars.

3.      The Lost Daughter

The Lost Daughter has a chance to win the Best Actress category for the film’s lead actress, Olivia Colman.

The story is about Leda (Colman), a professor of translation. She meets a young mother (Dakota Johnson) who is struggling to take care of her two children. This friendship causes Leda to face many emotions she has been running away from for so long.

The movie has dramatic scenes. However, it is more about the “character study” aspect. Instead of exaggerating the sacredness of motherhood, the film considers many other perspectives.

The Lost Daughter exposes the outrageous burdens society places on women. The poignant message and Olivia Colman’s great acting are the best highlights of this movie.

4.      tick, tick…Boom!

tick, tick… Boom! revolves around the mental crisis of the talented musical composer Jonathan Larson (Andrew Garfield).The film affirms that art shapes and changes the world. It outlasts anything, including the artist who created it.

Jonathan Larson may not have witnessed how influential he has become in the musical theater genre. However, his musical awakened the next generation. Furthermore, the movie sends to tired artists and confused young people a message “I see you”.

With the great performance of Andrew Garfield, the film promises to bring awards to Netflix in the upcoming award ceremony.

Due to the epidemic, the Oscars 2022 will take place later than usual. The ceremony is expected to be held on March 22, 2022. Let’s wait and see if Netflix can take home any awards with these 4 “steeds”.

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