What’s on Netflix in April? What is worth watching?

What's on Netflix in April 2022

Movies and series on Netflix in April make for a one-of-a-kind party for movie lovers. Your emotions will definitely go up and down when enjoying a variety of genres from action to romance, disaster, horror, thriller, drama, etc. If you’re still looking for Netflix’s best movies or series to watch this April, don’t miss the suggestions below.

1.     Choose or Die (04/15)

Asa Butterfield, the familiar Otis of Sex Education will return in a new movie, Choose or Die.

The story revolves around two curious young people who accidentally found a set of 80’s electronic toys. The two were tempted by a huge amount of money beyond imagination. So, they began the journey to conquer the game. However, it made their real life extremely dangerous. Players even have to pay with their lives.

Choose or Die is full of dramatic, sensational and suspenseful details. The movie promises to bring a sense of fear to viewers.

2.     The Bubble (04/01)

This comedy is set to premiere on the first day of April. The Bubble will bring you exciting experiences at a closed studio in a hotel. In particular, it is where famous actors are quarantined because of the pandemic.

Despite falling into a bad situation, they still tried to create perfect footage. A movie about dinosaurs was shot entirely in a hotel. Sounds pretty weird right? In addition, the film crew also faced difficult situations caused by the pandemic, of course in a humorous way.

Watch the movie to see that you are not the only one struggling with the troubles from covid-19.

3.     Jimmy Saville: A British Horror Story (04/06)

Jimmy Savile is a famous TV star. He was loved and admired for his kindness, humor, and courtesy. However, it is just a cover-up.

That seemingly innocuous person is actually a despicable criminal. One day, a series of allegations of sexual abuse are directed at Jimmy. Then, people began to investigate and uncover hidden corners in this man’s private life.

Season one of A British Horror Story reveals candid footage of the entire investigative journey into the case. Besides, the film exposes the true face of TV star Jimmy Savile. In order to ignite an entire nation, he covered the demon inside with the appearance of a saint.

4.     Along for the Ride (04/22)

If you just want to watch a gentle romantic movie, Along for the Ride is a good choice. It’s actually another teen movie title.

The heroine is the bookworm Auden. She studies all day or spends all her time reading. However, her life completely changed the day she met Eli by chance. He helped her dare to try things she never thought possible. In other words, Eli has regained Auden’s youth.

This movie is about the life, mind and emotions of young people. Therefore, it will help you reduce stress very effectively.

5.     Anatomy of a Scandal (04/15)

If one day your peaceful, happy life suddenly fell apart, what would you do? The main character in Anatomy of a Scandal – Sophie, unfortunately fell into that situation.

Her husband was once a famous and powerful politician. But when his secrets were exposed, he was charged with many crimes. Sophie suddenly lost her support. So she became bewildered by life. This series will become more and more interesting as Sophie has to solve all the troubles left by her husband.

The dramatic episode of Anatomy of a Scandal promises to attract a large number of viewers.

Netflix In April 2022

Of course, there are many attractive movies and series of Netflix in April 2022. But here are 5 works with the most interesting and easy-to-see content. I’m sure you’ll want to put one of them on your list of must-see movies and series in this month.

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