No matter how old you are or how many times you’ve celebrated, Halloween never gets old. Yes, there’s a lot that most of us are dreaming of during this incredibly exciting October holiday. But after all those Halloween party games, have you wondered what is the history of Halloween Day?

Just follow us! Right here, we will share with you the origin of Halloween. Hopefully, the history of Halloween will make your holiday more meaningful and enjoyable.

What Is The History Of Halloween Day?

What is the history of Halloween Day? How is it celebrated? There are many interesting stories about Halloween. Keep on reading this post to understand the origin and meaning of this special holiday!

Halloween’s Celtic Origins

Over the centuries, the origins of Halloween have been told and passed down through many different variations. As a result of many changes, Halloween today is rooted in the Celts. This is a people who lived in the lands of England, Ireland, and northern France more than 2,000 years ago.

what is the history of Halloween Day
Do you know what is the history of Halloween Day?

In Celtic thinking, the line between the worlds of the living and the dead becomes blurred on the eve of the New Year. On the night of October 31, they celebrate Samhain, when the ghosts of the dead are considered to return to earth.

At the time, the Celts believed that the appearance of otherworldly spirits would make it easier for the Druids or Celtic priests to make predictions about the future. That is why, to commemorate this event, the Druids started a great sacred fire.

Here people would gather to burn crops and livestock as sacrifices to the Celtic gods. During the celebration, the Celtic people wear ghostly costumes, which often include animal heads and skins. In addition, they try to tell each other luck.

How Did Halloween Come To America?

Much of what we know about Halloween today is a product of the Americanization of the day over the years.

It started with immigrants from Europe to the Americas, and as the different ethnic groups of Europe and Native Americans connected, a new version of Halloween began to emerge.

In the mid-19th century, annual fall festivals became popular, such as ghost stories and harvest celebrations, but Halloween was still not celebrated across the country.

what is the history of Halloween Day
Have you wondered what is the history of Halloween Day?

In the second half of the 19th century, a new wave of immigration came to America, especially millions of people from Ireland fleeing the potato famine in Ireland. It was these Irish immigrants who made Halloween a national holiday.

Halloween is now widely celebrated around the world. In some countries, there will be different ways of organizing the welcome. However, the typical symbols of this festival remain unchanged. For example, the pumpkin lanterns, images of witches, tamarind ghosts, human skeletons or bats, cats, and so on.

What Day Is Halloween In 2021?

Halloween is celebrated on October 31 every year. This year Halloween falls on Sunday, October 31, 2021. It’s so special that this year Halloween is on a weekend. At this time, people have more time to gather together, go out to Halloween together.

What are some Halloween traditions?

What is the history of Halloween Day
Explore what is the history of Halloween Day in this post!

Many of our Halloween activities are rooted in old traditions – for example, while pumpkin carving started in America, it actually has Celtic roots.

During Samhain’s time, turnips would be used to make lanterns, and when the Irish arrived in America, they had to make pumpkins instead because there were no turnips to be found. The switch from pumpkins to turnips has gone back to the UK.

Also, “trick or treating” is an American term to refer to a tradition we already have in England. In the Middle Ages, “souling” was the British custom of going door to door and praying for the dead in exchange for food.

Likewise, since the 19th century, Scottish children have begun to “guising”, seeing them dress up as evil spirits to ward off them.

The tradition of dropping apples can be traced back to the Roman holiday Pomona, where the apple was its symbol.

Why Do We Carve Pumpkins at Halloween?

The origin of the carved pumpkins used at Halloween, is contained in an old Irish myth about the ferocious blacksmith, ‘Stingy Jack’, who was said to have fooled the devil several times, often tricking himself into getting the last drink at the pub.

The last time he tricked the devil into promising not to take his soul when he died. Jack can’t end up in hell. But because of dealing with dark powers and the love of spirits, Jack is also not welcome in heaven.

Therefore, when he dies, Jack must travel the earth forever with glowing coal as his only light. Jack put the log in a carved cabbage, and today he wandered in the dark with it emitting an ethereal green glow.

What is the history of Halloween Day
What is the history of Halloween Day?

Because of the legend of Jack, for hundreds of years, people in England have placed candle-carved vegetable plants on stairs and window frames to ward off Jack’s wandering spirit, just like we now do on Halloween around the world. The cabbage root that is Jack’s symbol has been replaced by a pumpkin.

The Halloween pumpkin is called ‘Jack O’Lantern’ in English, after Stingy Jack. Pumpkin lanterns were first mentioned in English texts in 1837, and began to be used in Halloween celebrations in 1866.

The pumpkins are lit with candles, they are easy to hollow out and cut into patterns. Especially popular carvings are creepy faces that are said to ward off dark forces.

In addition to the spiritual meaning, Westerners also believe that the yellow color of the pumpkin symbolizes success and wealth. Therefore, they often decorate their houses with pumpkins during the Halloween season with the desire to receive luck and happiness.

Final Words

We’ve been with you to discover what is the history of Halloween Day? Are you ready to enjoy your favorite candy and prepare unique accessories to decorate your home on October 31? Let’s start finding awesome witch and spooky costumes now, and Happy Halloween!

Halloween is a great chance to give our loved ones special gifts. There are a lot of creative ideas when it comes to a great gift for Halloween. You can check out the great ideas below for more inspiration!

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