There will be a lot going on in 2021. Are you looking for winning dropshipping products 2021 for your e-commerce business? In this post, you’ll learn about top 8 products with high potential, which will help you win the whole year in 2021!


Like many home décor items, doormats became one of the best-selling items online during the pandemic. The more people at home, the more they tend to exploit it and create a relaxed atmosphere. Doormats are tougher than regular rugs and help people keep dirt out of their homes.

According to recent market forecasts, there’s been high demand for fancy, trendy and comfortable doormats. Doormats can also be sold by purpose, length, material and purpose.

According to Keywords Anywhere, the top doormat searches are:

  • Doormat: 246,000/month
  • Funny doormats: 33,100/month
  • Indoor doormats: 18,100/month
  • Outdoor doormats: 12,100/month

Household storage containers

One product that is gaining popularity lately is household storage containers. Similar to other trending products in the home goods department, we can see an increase due to the recent trend of working from home.

The storage box helps people organize out-of-season items or clothing. They can also be used as home decorations, depending on the style and the room in which you are storing the furniture or to store food and supplies.

The search term “storage containers” is generating 135,000 searches per month, with related terms “food storage containers” bringing 74,000 searches per month and “storage bins” generating 135,000 searches. earn each month, supporting that hosting can be a profitable business to start online. 

Kitchen towels


Kitchen towels have seen strong growth in the second half of 2020, and the new trend doesn’t look like it’s ending soon. According to the latest report, the global kitchen towel market is expected to be worth $ 20.9 billion by 2026.

This is not a trending product you want to miss out on. People can use kitchen towels to spot clean, dry hands, handle hot utensils, and more. Towels are also extremely durable and can withstand repeate uses and washing.

Bike saddles

The next product in the list of top dropshipping products 2021 is bike saddles.

Search volume for the term “bicycle saddle” gets 22,200 searches per month. People are also looking for more specific types, such as “comfortable bike saddles” (12,100/month), “mountain bike saddles” (3,600 month) and “road bike saddles” (4,400/month). These terms indicate that you can sell a large variety of saddles for sale.

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Handheld device accessories

Handheld device accessories are one of those trending dropshipping products 2021 with consistently high profit margins. This trend is hotter at some times than others, but people often search for accessories and gadgets for phone and tablet accessories and gadgets. This market is also very large and is expected to reach $284.06 billion by 2026.


The search volume for the term “mobile accessories” is about 49,500 searches per month. People are also searching for variant phrases such as “phone accessories” and “mobile phone accessories”, receiving 40,500 and 18,100 searches per month, respectively.

Motor vehicle carpet and upholstery

Over the past few months, we have seen a significant increase in the sales of car mats and upholstery on the Shopify platform. This product trend continues to be popular as the demand for customized automotive interiors grows. The auto upholstery market is valued at $7.63 billion in 2019 and is expected to rise 6.5% annually through 2025.

There are 74,000 monthly searches for car mats, proving the industry’s popularity. Newer search interest is emerging for weathertech carpets (135,000 / month), custom car mats (8,100/month) and rubber car mats (8,100/month).

Bookcases and standing shelves


Bookcase and shelf sales have been on an increasing trend in recent months. People are spending more time at home and looking for spruce up their living spaces.

The term “bookcase” generates 301,100 searches per month, with related keywords like “bookcases with door” and “solid wood bookcases” reaching 33,100 and 9,900 searches per month, respectively.

Hairstyling tools and accessories

Looking for a trending dropshipping products 2021 to sell in the beauty industry? Hairstyling tools and accessories are seeing a growing interest in Shopify, Oberlo, Google and AliExpress.

According to data from Keywords Everywhere, the term “hair styling tools” gets 12,100 searches per month, with subcategories like “hot tools” getting another 33,100 searches per month, variation “hair tools” receives 12,100 searches per month and “hair styling accessories” with 2,900 searches per month.

Here are some of the trending dropshipping products 2021 that will go on sale, but there are plenty more to choose from when deciding what to sell on Shopify or Amazon. Finding product trends is only part of the equation. The real secret is figuring out how to market them.

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