The Stockroom Review – Make Your Sex Life Enjoyable!

The Stockroom Review: Are you looking for new things in your sex life? The Stockroom is here for you. Founded in 1988, they specialize in providing high-quality toys, gear, and apparel for sexually adventurous adults. Keep on reading this The Stockroom review to see what customers say about them!

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The Stockroom Review

Who is The Stockroom?

Adult entertainment can be fun and can be erotic. Whether it’s traditional missionary activities or something more extreme, The Stockroom has what it takes to liven up your bedroom and make it more enjoyable.

Stockroom is the original internet source for quality sex toys, BDSM gear, rubber and vinyl fashions, a wide variety of dildos and vibrators, lubes and butt plugs.

To learn more or buy a gift you and your partner can share, check them out at

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The Stockroom Best Sellers

Here are some of their best sellers and most purchased by customers.

24″ Basic Suede Flogger – $84

The Stockroom Review
The Stockroom Review – Best sellers

This is a Stockroom bestseller, and you can’t beat the price of this high-quality flogger! Made fine, moderately-heavy, black suede, with about 24 pointed tails.

This is a great item for beginners who may not yet want to commit to a higher end flogger, but don’t underestimate the potential of 24 suede blades.

Premium Garment Leather Wrist Cuffs – $59

The Stockroom Review
Premium Garment Leather Wrist Cuffs

These wrist cuffs are 1 ½” wide, lined with leather, and made of black, red or pink garment leather, softer and more supple than the regular latigo leather versions of these bondage cuffs. They are made of particularly fine leather and manufactured here in Los Angeles.

Each piece is lined so that it’s smooth on the inside and reinforced to resist stretching. These best-selling cuffs are incredibly soft and supple and come in rich colors that match any skin tone.

Silicone Breathable Ball Gag – $34.95

The Stockroom Review
Silicone Breathable Ball Gag – The Stockroom Review

While the ball gag is a BDSM staple, this best-selling breathable silicone ball gag will be a favorite for you and your partner! Made with vegan silicone, it’s easy to chew… you’ll never mistake this gag for those old-fashioned hardball gags. Adjustable silicone straps with multiple attachment points ensure that the patch will fit any size.

The black ball has three holes for a distinct feel and added softness. Easy to clean, hypoallergenic and a solid start, it’s an item you’ll fall in love with.

Anal Trainer Kit – $29.99

Anal Trainer Kit - The Stockroom Review
Anal Trainer Kit

Get creative with this three-stage Anal Training Kit. These small, medium, and large bulb-shaped plugs are made of sturdy rubber but have a ring for easy removal.

This anal plug is contoured to conform to the anal structure. It is made of high-quality hot melt poly rubber with a sleek black color. The small size is great for beginners, the larger size is comfortable enough to wear for a long time.

Leather Wrapped Wood Spanking Paddle – $48

The Stockroom Review
Leather Wrapped Wood Spanking Paddle

Your submissive will love the different sensations this polished paddle provides. This paddle offers a nice, even burn-in-one fell swoop.

It is also comfortable to hold and easy to maneuver. The handle of this paddle is wrapped in a soft black leather band, which is pleasant to hold and even more enjoyable to use well. A leather strap is looped through the small hole at the end of the handle that can wrap around your wrist for extra grip support, as well as be used for simple dungeon storage/decoration purposes.

Well, these are just some of The Stockroom’s many bestsellers. If you want to find more products, check out

The Stockroom Review From Customer

Ok, now let’s see what customers say about The Stockroom. A little honest feedback will make your decision easier, right?

  • “Awesome store, helpful people, and decently carnal collection !! The new location had a nice parking lot and is Covid friendly” – James R
  • “Amazing selection of stuff, including vegan toys, along with super helpful staff! found everything I was looking for.” – Nova C
  • “Awesome place to shop for fetish clothing and sex toys! Superb service by Diana and all the girls there. Highly recommend and definitely will be visiting more often.” – Stacey L L
  • “Super helpful staff and great products! They helped me find the perfect harness in the right fit and I love it. Can’t wait to try all my new goodies!”- Jasmine P
  • “Awesome selection of toys and kink stuff. They had several items in the store that were out online. We’ll be back for sure” – Sailor J

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