Do you want to find a trustworthy place to buy beautiful butter-soft headbands and hair tie bracelets? Choose Soulvation Society. Read our Soulvation Society review to find more information.

Why should you choose Soulvation Society?

Soulvation Society, based in Denver, Colorado, takes pride in being a woman-owned and operated business that is one of the state’s fastest-growing. Bamboo spandex is used to make the Butter Soft Headbands. Environmentally friendly, UV-protective, antibacterial, and moisture-absorbent. You might forget they’re on your head because they’re so buttery soft and light.

Their knot-style headbands adjust to your comfort level at the knot (within an inch). Simply tighten or loosen the knot according to your preference. All of their headbands should be hand-washed in cold water with a bar of light soap. Let air dry.

Some best-selling products

  • Silk Bandana

This is a must-have item that may be used in a variety of ways. This wide square bandana, made of 100 percent ultra-soft silk, can be worn as a hair scarf, head wrap, headband, and in a variety of other ways. A reusable linen storage bag is included.

  • Hair Tie Bracelets

Bye-bye to the drab hair ties! With a boho twist, it’s designed to act as a hair tie. Their original Hair Tie Bracelets come in a variety of hues to complement their most popular headbands (Sage, Sand, and Midnight). It’s the ideal bracelet accessory, and it’s designed to hold your hair in place!

  • Distressed Turband

These one-of-a-kind frayed headbands add a little whimsy to any sloppy hairdo! Soft, supple, and distressed to perfection. Wear it in the front with a bohemian knot, or wear it backward for an ultra-wide turbaned style. Because it has a looser fit than other headbands, it may be used with practically any haircut!

Soulvation Society review

Soulvation Society review from customers

  • These are fantastic! They are stylish and fashionable. My 16-year-old son even stole some to put on his wrist. Really, it’s great for everyone.
  • Hair Ties!!! My friends and new favorite blow everyone else out of the water. The designs are so much fun, and they look wonderful while holding my thick hair in place without harming it.
  • These tank shirts are among the comfiest I’ve ever worn. Soft as butter. Support with a little touch. I’ll definitely be purchasing more, and I hope they continue to produce them in the future.
  • Super stretchable and silky! When you put it in the proper spot for you or your head shape, it remains put. There was very little slippage. I’d want to purchase more in different colors!

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