Why you should choose ST7 for top quality and cheap laser cut AR500 steel shooting targets at affordable prices? Read our Shooting Targets 7 review to get 4 reasons you should spend money on buy shooting targets there.

Shooting Targets 7 review

The reasons to choose AR500 steel targets

When shopping for new targets, you want to make sure that you have the proper tools to hang and secure them.

I want to make sure that you get the most out of your AR500 Steel Targets and believe it or not, there are a few things to keep in mind when mounting them.

You want to ensure that you hang your targets on an angle. Doing so gives your bullet an easier path to the ground, reduces ricochet risk, and transmits less damaging heat to the target.

Whenever possible, be sure to mount your targets so that they can move freely when hit. The additional movement gives you instant feedback, an indication of a hit, and it transmits less energy into the target itself.

When Shooting Targets 7 started selling AR500 targets nearly a decade ago everyone was using chains to hang their targets but times have changed and there are now better and safer options.

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Top-quality Laser Cut AR500 steel targets

Shooting Targets 7 is one of the best for defensively-minded shooters, one of many veteran-owned companies in the shooting target niche. They offer a variety of targets, such as 500 gongs, bullseye, silhouette, bowling pin targets, IPSC STATIC TORSOS, knockers, and much more. They also have everything from stands, to medical equipment. Therefore, Shooting Targets 7 is truly a one-stop-shop for all your range needs.

They also have a variety of simple and lightweight stands that can be set up almost anywhere quickly and easily, making them a good choice if you want to build a dynamic home range that is easy to change around, or if you frequently travel to remote locations to shoot and want to be able to bring your own targets with you.

Shooting Targets 7 (TM) uses the finest AR500 steel targets from USA steel mills meeting our strict hardness requirements; Bead blasted front and back prior to laser cutting for crisp clean cuts; No soft Chinese surplus steel or low-quality plasma cuts as from lesser suppliers.

If you’re interested in more awesome targets from Shooting Targets 7, take a look at Shooting Targets 7 website.


Trustful Shooting Targets 7 review from Amazon and eBay

With over a million targets sold and a 100% customer satisfaction rate, see why customers keep coming back to leave ST7 the highest ratings in the target industry!

Shooting Targets 7 review

Thousands of customers have placed an order at Shooting Targets 7 and left their comments on two biggest platforms:  eBay and Amazon. You can visit, read Shooting Targets 7 reviews and see how they feel about Shooting Targets 7 products and services. Not too many customers feel unsatisfied with ST7. 

Shooting Targets 7 review

Shooting Targets 7 services

Shooting Targets 7 strives for complete customer satisfaction! For USA purchases over $99, you get freeship right to your door (lower 48! Besides, if you are not satisfied for ANY reason with your Shooting Targets 7 AR500 Steel Targets or Target Accessories, simply return them to store and they will GLADLY refund your entire purchase price!

Shooting Targets 7 coupon code

Definitely, shopping with coupon is one of the most popular ways to save money and time. People love it so much because they can see clearly the value of saving. That’s why Shooting Targets 7 is always willing to give customer Shooting Targets 7 coupon code and discount program. Once you grasp the good chance to save with Shooting Targets 7 coupon you won’t be disappointed with the value you receive: the discounted price, , 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed, …

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