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Recycled Firefighter Wallet Review

Recycled Firefighter Wallet Review: Slim, simple, and durable, the Recycled Firefighter The Fire Hose Sergeant Wallet is great for EDC and travel—if you don’t mind its minimalist design.

Robustly constructed and surprisingly light for the materials used, this is the smallest money carrier I’ve used to date. Read on Recycled Firefighter Wallet Review to discover if there is anything special.

Recycled Firefighter Wallet Review

Recycled Firefighter started as a side hustle. The company’s founder said he wasn’t making enough money as a firefighter to support a family, so he tinkered with a sewing machine and some old fire hose.

Months and numerous failed products later, the Fire Hose Sergeant Wallet was born.

Recycled Firefighter Wallet Review

Recycled Firefighter Wallet Review

These days, Recycled Firefighter offers a plethora of everyday carry products, a lot of them made from recycled fire hoses. The company says it has recycled and repurposed over 15,000 feet of decommissioned fire hoses from around the U.S., which is both eco-groovy and just plain awesome.

Who It Suits

Those looking for a minimal, robust, unique wallet that has a ton of character. It is a conversation-starting item that has a great story to share, so it will thrive in the pocket of anyone who enjoys talking about their gear.

Materials & Aesthetic

In case you glossed over that introduction—the Fire Hose Sergeant Wallet is made from a repurposed fire hose. The fire hose feels rougher than expected, but also feels like it’ll last decades.

Overall, it has a simple and minimalist aesthetic. Its slim profile—it’s only a little bit taller than a credit card—easily slides into pants’ pockets or the quick-grab pockets on sling bags. But the available colorways add some personality.

Features & Usage

One of my favorite things about this wallet is that it holds just enough. At least, for me. On the front, there’s a card sleeve that holds 4-8 cards. I tend to keep 5 cards in there at a time.

The cards easily slide into the sleeve, although accessing them can be a little trickier. Your cards aren’t staggered—they’re all on top of one another. You have to partially slide them out and fan through the stack to see and grab the cards sandwiched in the middle.

Recycled Firefighter Wallet Review

Slim, simple, and durable, the Recycled Firefighter Wallet is great for EDC and travel

On the back of the wallet there’s a cash strap for, you guessed it, cash. The elastic strap is designed to hold tri-fold bills, which sit nicely beneath the strap.

Unfortunately, we’re more bi-fold kind of people. Bi-folded bills are too tall to fit beneath the strap length-wise, but they fit width-wise—though they stick out on both sides of the wallet.

And tucking your cash beneath the strap can be a bit of a pain—it’s usually a two-hand job. It’s not a huge deal, but it’s something you will notice if you use cash every day.

Recycled Firefighter says the wallet will, “Virtually disappear in your front pocket.” And we have to agree. I’ve tossed it in a pocket on pants, daypacks, or sling bags and have forgotten it’s there until I need it. This is a huge plus for travel when you don’t have the room or weight available in your travel backpack for anything cumbersome.

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