Old Chicago Coffee is a new destination for coffee lovers to trust and try. I am sure you will add an ideal store to buy raw coffee beans through our Old Chicago Coffee review. Read on to discover more about their coffee bean.


About Old Chicago Coffee

Old Chicago Coffee specializes in providing Colombian pure coffee, and soluble powders with the first criterion being NO USE OF FLAVOR

Each coffee bean is carefully selected, 100% ripe red beans, carefully screened, bringing the best flavor of coffee beans. You do feel the characteristic bitter taste, and after drinking the taste still remains in your mouth. This is also one of the subtleties of Colombian coffee, making it different from other coffee beans.

Old Chicago Coffee Review – Hot coffee beans you shouldn’t ignore

Cold Brew Coffee Beans or Ground

Are you so used to hot coffee and want to try some new flavors in this drink? Cold Brew will be a very interesting choice for you.

Cold Brew has a more attractive taste compared to other types of coffee because of its unique brewing method. Not only using cold water, but this coffee-making principle also needs to be followed in the right steps. With that, the new coffee flavor is really perfect as what you want.

To make the right cup of cold brew coffee, the purity of the bean is a must. You shouldn’t buy coffee powder mixed with any other substances.  And the cold brew coffee beans and ground from Old Chicago Coffee is the right choice. If you want to add this drink to your daily menu, don’t hesitate to order one package and try.

Old Chicago Coffee review cold brew coffee beans


No. 42 Dark Coffee Beans

Even if you don’t like dark roasted coffee beans, you should try the dark roasted coffee beans from Old Chicago Coffee with a great morning scent. These beans are unique and offer a flavor you’ve never had before. You’ll be waving your palm over your coffee cup, returning the unmistakable aroma.

There are no blends in these dark roasted coffee beans; they come from a single origin! Pure Tarrazu coffee from a single Costa Rican farm, roasted to perfection just for you.

Old Chicago Coffee review No.42


Colombian Light Roast Coffee

If you want to buy coffee as good as Supremo, then you can try Colombian Light Roast Coffee from Old Chicago Coffee. On the other hand, these coffee beans are famous for their pleasant smooth acidity, smooth finish, greasy and rich aftertaste. Colombian coffee has a vanilla and chocolate flavor, as well as a fruity flavor and a pleasant floral scent.

It is known for being smooth and easy to drink, which makes Colombian coffee ideal for softening the overbearing flavors in some other countries.

Old Chicago Coffee review colombian coffee


Green coffee beans

Green coffee beans from Costa Rica’s Tarrazu mountain region, which are famous for their excellent coffee-producing conditions.

The offee beans still retain their natural green color and contain significant levels of antioxidants, especially caffeine and chlorogenic acid. They are all beneficial for our health.

Old Chicago Coffee review green coffee beans


The water is light green in color and has a much milder flavor, which tends to resemble the taste of herbal tea rather than the roasted coffee you’re used to.

You can use green coffee in whole bean, powder, or tablet form depending on the purpose of use. Moreover, you can use green coffee beans as a health supplement, instead of making hot drinks every day.

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