Are you having trouble with your sleep? Are you looking for an effective solution to solve poor sleep and improve your physical as well as mental health? Welcome to Lucid Dream Leaf – a dietary supplement for lucid dreaming, maybe your perfect answer.

Today, I will share with you all my experience while using this special product. If you already know about this brand, scroll down to the bottom of this Lucid Dream Leaf  Review to get all active coupon codes and great discounts.

About Lucid Dream Leaf:

“Lucid Dream Leaf – a dietary supplement for lucid dreaming”

Lucid Dream Leaf was created with the purpose to help users experience tremendous lucid dreams by the use of synergistic herbs. We all know the significant and important role of a good sleep for everybody.

Lucid dreaming, in result, can promote personal growth, self-confidence and self-development, improving mental and physical health, facilitating creative problem solving and so on. Therefore, Lucid Dream Leaf is exactly a necessary supplement for our health in this stressful life.

Lucid Dream Leaf contains 2 different pills: blue pill and red pill with 5 specific ingredients: Huperzine-A, Mugwort, 5-HTP, Choline Bitartrate, and Alpha GPC. You take the blue first when going to sleep then the red one after 4-5 hours of sleep.


Lucid Dream Leaf Review


Lucid Dream Leaf Review

I bought one Lucid Dream Leaf 60 capsule bottle and follow their guide: blue pill before going to sleep at about 10pm and red pill at 2.30am. Then I continued my sleep.

Actually, I felt that I had a really deep sleep and I didn’t wake up because of some soft noise. After a couple of nights using Lucid Dream Leaf, I had more dream than usual and my dream was more vivid and conscious, it was like I can control my dream.


A 60 capsule bottle of Dream Leaf Lucid Dreaming Supplement (30 night supplement) is $45. Luckily, I found a discount code and bought it at only$29.99.

I used this 3 times per week, so this bottle can last for 2 months. With this price, I think you really should try Lucid Dream Leaf if you have troubles with your dream and you sleep like me.

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