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The Fact

Veganism is not just about food. Vegans think about how they consume products in general including clothing, home goods, and accessories. Vegans want to know how everything is made and produced so that they can buy in the most ethical way they can. There are vegan labels on products but that does not mean that the product has been produced without harming animals as well as the planet. People want products that are free from animals and also, products that are compostable and made in a way that uses fewer chemicals, water and is environmentally friendly.

Each year, people chase over a billion animals for leather. In fact, the majority of leather in the US and Europe comes from countries such as India and China, where there are no animal welfare laws or, if laws do exist, they are not enforced strictly. The leather industry exists in its own right as a very lucrative and highly profitable business.

About Leafy Souls

 Leafy Souls has a very simple vision: To bring morality back to humanity. Therefore, they force to create a compassionate and sustainable future. Leafy Souls is a wonderful place for people to buy vegan, cruelty free & ethical products easily. Designers are talented enough to create stunning designs for T-shirts, hoodies, bags and more that people will love wearing to spread the message of veganism.

Best sellers – products

Best boots

For lovers  of  In-between heel size: Stellaria heeled boot – blanlac & Kinsey Dealer boot in Copper – Friendship Vegan Shoes

These gorgeously colored short heeled boots are the perfect to fit with any outfit. From a skinny jean look to a pretty dress and tights, these lovely nude colored boots are the perfect to take you from the office to out on the town with the girls. Besides, Kinsey Dealer boot in Copper is perfect for day-to-day and a casual showstopper, the shoes are sure to catch some attention and create a statement look for any fashion-conscious boot lover!

For lovers of a higher heel. You should try Fran (Navy) – Matt and Nat

These faux suede boots should be added to your Christmas list straight away! Moreover, it is in the most beautiful navy color. Besides, these chunky heeled boots are elegant yet glamorous and environmentally friendly.


However, the things I love most from Leafy Souls are accessories, especially handbags, backpack … A collection of vegan is made from 100% cruelty-free vegan materials.

Cleo – womens canvas messenger bag is available in every color from pink, black, brown, navy and so on and has beautiful and elegant design. Cleo is a busy women’s perfect companion. Thanks to its sturdy Canvas cotton fabric, this handbag lasts for so long

Meanwhile, no need coupon code, you can save up to 75% off for a trendy vintage shoulder bag. It is big, gorgeous and fit everything you’d ever want to carry, which makes them so hard to resist. Accessorized with matching tassels, this vegan shoulder bag is sure to be a go-to choice for all of your casual fashion! Now the question is, which color to choose…

Leafy Souls rebiew

Leafy Souls review

There are a lot good reviews from customers for Leafy Souls on Trustpilot. Just read for more information.

Leafy Souls review

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