The keto diet is all over the media lately and you may wonder about its benefits. The keto diet is on all recent media and you may wonder about its benefits. While keto is common, it is not a fat. Instead, it is an extremely healthy way to eat. If you follow the keto meal plan, you can experience powerful health benefits, such as reducing inflammation, improving fat burning and reducing cravings.

In this article, I will share with you some of my favorite keto recipes that you can try on a keto meal plan.

Keto Meal Plan Breakfast Ideas

Keto Meal Plan

Breakfast is your first meal of the day.  In theory, breakfast could be any time of the day when you break your fast.  For some people, they feel best eating in the morning while others, like myself, prefer to fast until the early afternoon.

If you are eating breakfast, it is incredibly important that you start your day right without causing blood sugar fluctuations or inflammation.  If you want to fast you can still consume water, black coffee or herbal tea.  If you want to break your fast with only fat, a great option is to do a keto coffee where you add in butter and/or MCT oil.

If you want something light that also contains protein, you can do a keto protein shake with coconut or almond milk and a good quality protein powder.  You could also try throwing 1/2 or a full avocado in the shake to add more fats and make it like a pudding.  When I make a keto protein shake, I enjoy adding an avocado and a tsp of the Keto Brain MCT oil.

If you want real food, some good options would be chicken sausage and eggs, turkey or grass-fed beef bacon and eggs or an omelet.  You could do veggie omelets or even enjoy some leftovers from your lunch or dinner the day before.  Try these keto meal plan breakfast ideas for some powerful results.

Keto Meal Plan Lunch Ideas

Keto Meal Plan

For many people following a ketogenic lifestyle, lunch may actually be the first meal of the day!  Most of the time, I wait until 1 or 2pm each day before having my first meal as I enjoy getting a really good 18-20 hour fast each day and then I enjoy a great lunch which would technically be my “break fast” meal.

Some good options here would include any of the breakfast options I discussed above including the keto protein shake which I often enjoy.  Lunch is also a great time to load up on veggies and you could do a big salad with healthy fats coming from avocado, olives and olive or avocado oil.  You can add in some healthy meat or some nuts to get protein on your salad.

If you want some cooked food you could do a chicken, turkey or beef soup or stew as long as you don’t have potato or carrots in it.  Fill your soup or stew with celery, kale, broccoli and onions along with a good bone broth and meat.

If you are on the go, you could always make an extra large dinner and bring the leftovers in a glass container (plastic lid is fine) with you to work the next day.  Finally, some people enjoy eating warm dinner like foods around the middle of the day and fasting through dinner.  If that is you, have your steak and steamed veggies at lunch.

One caveat is that if you eat your largest meal earlier in the day, your body will need to drive a lot of blood flow into your digestive system and you may notice less energy and mental clarity.  You may also feel like you need a siesta or mid-day/mid-afternoon nap.  If this makes you less productive at work, then consider having a lighter meal at lunch like a keto protein shake or a salad like I described above.

Keto Meal Plan Dinner Ideas

Keto Meal Plan

For many of us, dinner is going to be our largest and most hearty meal of the day.  Meanwhile, others may prefer to practice their intermittent fast through the evening hours.  You have to decide the timing of your fasting and eating schedule that works best for your body and your daily demands.

If you eating a large meal in the evening, some great options include a tasty grass-fed steak with steamed or sauteed veggies like broccoli, asparagus, cauliflower, etc.  I enjoy putting butter or olive oil, apple cider vinegar, salt and herbs on the steak and veggies for more flavor and healthy fats.

You could also do bunless burgers or grass-fed hot dogs with a tasty cauliflower mashed potatoes and sauteed asparagus which is one of my favorite dinner meals!  My family also enjoys doing coconut flour wraps and we make chicken fajitas!

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