You want to find good saddler, rider fashion, show jumps, and show jumping equipment at reasonable prices. Choose Kentaur Australia. Read our Kentaur Australia review to find the answer.

What Makes a KenTaur Saddle Different?

Design: the KenTaur factory, located in the Czech, has a focus on no-fuss, high-quality products. Continual development and testing of their saddles are in place, as is a multilevel quality control system. The saddles feature a traditional design that promotes proper rider positioning and horse comfort.

Small output, large attention-to-detail: Each KenTaur saddle is meticulously handcrafted from scratch. KenTaur Australia has master saddlers on hand to ensure the best craftsmanship, precision and care go into each saddle.

Made-to-Order: KenTaur can create your ideal saddle down to the last detail. Things like the length or projection of the saddle flap, the type of leather, long or short points, and the type of panels.

Adjustable: KenTaur saddles can be adjusted to fit the horse and rider for the duration of the horse’s life. Gullet chamber sizes range from 1-5, with 1 being the narrowest.

Which Flocking Is Used In KenTaur Saddles?

KenTaur saddles are made with high-quality wool synthetic flocking. We advise having it refitted regularly to ensure optimum fit.

Kentaur also offers a combination panel, usually preferred by show jumpers/eventers.

The saddle panel options are:

Wool Stuffed Panels: These are stuffed with 100% synthetic wool that is extremely elastic and adapts to the shape of the horse.

Latex Panels: It is made from soft latex which does not change shape. The latex panel does not require restuffing and provides a closer fit for the rider.

Sandwich Panel: It is a combination of the above. This panel combines the benefits of both panels by being kind on the horse’s back while being movable.


Kentaur Australia review

Kentaur Australia saddle

Kentaur Australia Review From Customers

  • This is the first pair of stirrup leathers I’ve ever had, and I’m not sure I’ll ever go back to regular stirrup leathers. Thank you!
  • Excellent girth, beautiful red-toned brown that matches perfectly with my saddle, in hard-to-buy 45cm for a pony. Looks good even after a week of rides on the muddy ground.
  • I adore my new breastplate; it’s a wonderful fit and the way it rests is fantastic. It was exactly what I was looking for as a racing clerk of the course.
  • This is a stunning anatomical leather girth that is both attractive to look at and extremely comfortable for my horse to wear!

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