If you want a powerful and flexible web hosting service, Hostwinds must be in your sights. In my Hostwinds review, I will tell you why.

Hostwinds Review

Founded in 2010, this makes Hostwinds a younger hosting company compared to some of the other big names that are close to the twenty-year mark. But the deeper you dive into the world of hosting, the more you’ll find Hostwinds has a strong reputation.

Without wasting any more time, let’s start with the fundamentals.

HostWinds Review: Uptime

Not 99% uptime, or 99.9% uptime, or even 99.99% uptime.

No, this is Hostwinds’ guarantee:

Hostwinds Review

Perhaps you are skeptical. Me too.

But in the months I’ve had Hostwinds, it’s never droped below 99.99% uptime – so at least for myself, this promise has been kept.

So I think Hostwinds really nails uptime and performance. With the response time being average-better than average consistently, and the uptime SLA always super high—yeah, we’re off to a good start.

Ease of use

Ease of use is not a big priority for everyone and fair enough.

But even if you think you don’t prioritize it that much, ease of use can be a huge lifesaver.

Yes, even if you are an expert – the intuitive user interface will save you a lot of time. And if you’re a beginner … well, obviously why you’d want the ease of use.

Anyway, Hostwinds doesn’t beat some of the industry leaders when it comes to ease of use. Having said that, it’s not exactly difficult to use either, but sort of in between.

Pricing and Features

Share Web Hosting

If your website doesn’t require a high-end server to stay up and running, shared web hosting might be right for you.

Hostwinds Review

Hostwinds offers attractive, wallet-friendly Linux-based shared hosting plans that come in 3 flavors: Basic, Advanced, and Ultimate.

  • Basic (starting at $4.50 per month): offers unlimited monthly data transfer, unlimited storage, free dedicated IP address and the ability to host a single domain.
  • Advanced (starting at $5.50 per month) based on Basic by allowing you to host up to six domains.
  • Ultimate (starting at $6.50 per month) adds the ability to host an unlimited number of domains.

Business Hosting

Hostwinds review

Business hosting is one of the best at Hostwinds because the business-level hosting is set up with your business mindset. Hostwinds also offers various features with business hosting tactics such as free domain, unlimited databases, free website transfers, instant setup, etc.

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Reseller Hosting

If you’re looking to get into your own web hosting business, but you don’t want to deal with server management and other infrastructure issues, check out the great reseller hosting plans. With reseller hosting, you rent server space from an established player and resell it to your own customers.

Hostwind’s plans, which start at $25 per month, have unlimited email, storage, and data transfers.Hostwinds also lets you apply your own branding to the servers you rent, and it also offers 24/7 technical support level.

VPS Hosting

If you are looking for VPS hosting, Hostwinds has you covered, with 10 tiers of VPS hosting in its Budget VPS , Premium VPS, Windows VPS, SSD Windows VPS, and SSD Linux VPS offerings.

For example: Tier 1 Premium VPS starts at just $13.50 per month (for 1GB of RAM, 50GB of disk space, unlimited monthly data transfers and unlimited email). While Tier 10 has tissue up to $105 per month (for 15GB of RAM, 200GB of drive space, unlimited monthly data transfers and unlimited email).

The Linux SSD plan starts at $13.50 per month (for 1GB of RAM, 25GB of disk space, unlimited monthly data transfers, and unlimited email) andmaxes out at $129 per month (18.5GB RAM, 130GB disk space, unlimited monthly data transfers and unlimited email).

In short, Hostwinds has flexible, powerful VPS plans that outperform most of its competitors.

HostWinds Review – What about security?

Security is one of the things we all know we need to care about, but in reality only a few actually do.

Well, I don’t want to be a buzz-kill but security is extremely important to everything online.

And I can say Hostwinds does a very good job of this. They have 3 data centers: one in Seattle, one in Dallas and one in Amsterdam.

Right off the bat, that’s great news. It means having a useful backup even in the case of a disaster.

And, the data centers have all been audited – a huge plus.

Customer Support

Hostwinds offers 24/7 phone, web chat, and ticket-based customer support. I tested chat support on a weekday morning and afternoon, and I never had to wait more than a minute or two before a Hostwinds representative answered my questions. The person on the other side of the chat window explained exactly the difference between shared and VPS hosting to me.

Hostwinds Review

I also called customer support during the night of the week to learn about Hostwinds’ Minecraft hosting. Friendly representative gave me the details in an easy to understand way. Overall, I love the Hostwinds customer support experience.

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Final Though

Before I started using Hostwinds, I was a bit skeptical. The website was a bit lackluster, the company is a bit young and I didn’t know much about it.

But after I used it for a while I was surprised. Hostwinds is better than I expected

Hostwinds has an impressive 60-day money-back guarantee, so I think it’s worth a try.

Visit their offcial website at www.hostwinds.com and use the coupon code below to save your purchase.

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