Products from pure honey are not only delicious, but also beneficial for health and beauty. So I wrote this Honey Acres review to recommend to everyone a reliable raw honey production facility. Start your taste buds experience right now.

How Great Is Honey Acres?

Pure Honey Acres Review
Pure Honey Acres Review

Honey Acres is a family company that owns a factory and a honey museum in Wisconsin. They have maintained the family tradition of beekeeping for over 160 years. With experience and love of the craft, they have found the secret to making the sweetest honey ever.

This brand specializes in raw honey. In addition, they also sell unprocessed honey products. These products are delicious and nutritious. Especially, they do not contain sugar, preservatives or soy.

On their website, you can buy honey, dark chocolate honey patties, honey mustard, honey straws and more. All items are affordable. Besides, you can use Honey Acres coupon codes to save money.

10% OFF

20% OFF

In addition, you do not need to worry about shipping costs. This store offers free shipping on all US orders over $50. The delivery fee for smaller orders is only $4.99.

Chocolate Honey Acres Review

Chocolate Honey Acres Review
Chocolate Honey Acres Review

Next, I would like to introduce my favorite products from this brand. They’re dark chocolate honey patties.

Dark chocolate and honey is one of the most amazing blends I have ever known. The bitter taste of dark chocolate combined with the sweetness of honey can stimulate the taste buds of the most demanding people. You will be immersed in the ecstatic fragrance of nature.

In particular, these products do not have gluten, dairy, sugar, nuts or any other additives. So, nothing can interfere with your pure taste experience. If you are a sweet person but care about your health, dark chocolate honey is still a great choice. It is low in calories so it can be used in a diet.

My favorite one is dark chocolate coffee honey. However, there’re other flavors including mint, raspberry, orange and cocoa. You can choose the flavor you like and get a discount code from this Honey Acres review to enjoy the best price.

Check out my review on the honey jar for more options.

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