If you’re looking for a good organic fertilizer for your crops, then go to High Mountain Compost Review. High Mountain Compost provides a wide range of good compost starters for mushrooms and other medicinal plants that grow naturally around us.

High Mountain’s Compost grows more than just great mushrooms! It is a good soil amendment for your outdoor/greenhouse green growing projects.

High Mountain Compost Review

High Mountain Compost Review

This company sell rich, manure and natural compost. Each formulated for growing exotic, gourmet and medicinal mushrooms. It is odorless and easy to use. No cover required. All compost is heat sterilized to eliminate any possibility of contamination.

Also, it lasts for an indefinite period of time. The team developed a formulation for the compost. One that provides all the nutrients needed for mushroom growth and fruiting. Their compost formula is specific to maximize the harvest of mushrooms and cannabis.

Another great thing about High Mountain Compost is that they provide instructions on how to use their compost. This is great for first-time mushroom growers. They also provide compost for growing medical marijuana.

Price: Around $4.50 per pound (sold in 10 pound increments) plus shipping by USPS flat rate priority mail.

What’s in High Mountain Compost?

High Mountain Gold

High Mountain Gold is pasteurized and odorless, lightweight and airy, a compost specially formulated for growing medical marijuana.

Sold as a 10lb filte- bag and contains 25% worm castings, 10% chicken manure, 60% #1 High Mountain Compost, 5% secret family ingredient.

Tea for plants

Use compost tea to promote the growth of any green plant. Can be used inside indoor plants or outside the garden.

It feeds the nutrients the plant needs directly to the roots of the plant by watering it with compost tea.

High Mountain Compost Review

Kits / Refill  / Berries

These kits are formulated specifically for growing

mushroom. The kit uses all of their natural ingredients: rich mushroom growing compost and organic rye berries.

Included in the kit are:

  • 10 lbs. of pasteurized compost
  • 1 growing chamber, pre-drilled for air exchange
  • and liquid drainage
  • 2 packages of Sterilized Rye berries
  • 1 empty sanitizing spray bottle
  • Full kit instructions

Cost of the kit is $155. All parts (excluding compost and rye) are reusable as many times as you want! 

Buy their products at highmountaincompost.com and use 10% discount code below to save more.

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