You may have heard about Glambot, via Youtube, social media or just while browsing the web. Glambot is a cosmetics and skin care retailer promising never to sell anything at a full price. Also, they will buy your new, unused and unwanted beauty items before selling these on to their customers. It sounds interesting, right? Read on to our Glambot Review to see if they have anything special.

Glambot Review – What is Special in Glambot?

Glambot is a relatively new site where you can buy and sell used / unused makeup (and soon skincare). What attracts buyers is that Glambot offers discounted makeup products from high quality brands such as Chanel, Too Faced, NARS, Mac, Lancome, Benefit,Tarte, and more. Glambot will also buy your used makeup and give you some money after you’ve sent your products in.

Glambot Review

Glambot Review – The best places to buy makeup on a budget

Whatever you send, first and foremost, must not be expire. It must be at least 50% full and the price is based on the remaining amount. You must also send a minimum of 20 products to sell to Glambot. This eliminates a lot of potential casual sellers, and means that most of their products come from people in the makeup industry, people with PR that they don’t use, or makeup addicts who take care of their makeup. Pretty good squirrel of their stuff. This criterion means that most of the makeup that comes in is barely touched, if at all.

Next, Glambot cleans their products. Founder and CEO Horiuchi holds a law degree and biotechnology. The makeup test team is not counterfeit, and then they used heat, an alcohol solution and/or a natural softener to kill any bacteria and shave off layers to reveal new, untouched products. Finally, the product is sealed up ready to be shipped out.

My Thoughts on the Glambot Buying Experience

Maybe you don’t know most products are marked down counting on the fill amount. So if the good is about 80% full/20% empty, they take off 20%. That means the cost is the same as if you were to shop for the full size product.

For example, here’s a Urban Decay eyeliner pencil. It’s estimated at being around 80% full, but you’re paying 80% of the complete price. which means you don’t really save money at a cost-per-size ratio. In my opinion, you may also buy a replacement full size version.

Now, this isn’t the case with all the products. The more popular products/brand tend to own this pricing model, but sometimes you can also find discounts of up to 50% for an 80% full product. Glambot also offers coupon codes, deals, so follow them to receive the newest promotions.

Glambot Review


Final Though

Overall, if you are looking to try the most recent makeup products from top brands and don’t want to pay the full price, I like to recommend Glambot. But remember to use good judgment when choosing your items – attempt to follow items that are 100% marked (they will usually remain sealed), recently released products and ones that are easier to sanitize (like products in pencil form which will be freshly sharpened).

I will definitely be buy from Glambot again. If you want to, you can use the discount code that hotreview4u has collected below to save on your next order.

What do you think about the idea of ​​buying used makeup?

Did you buy, sell, or swapped used makeup on Glambot, or a similar website? Let us know what you think in the comments.

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