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Fastcomet review

FastComet overview

Founded in 2013, FastComet is one of the few private, independent global web hosting companies. They have been offering web hosting services for more than 50,000 personal and small-business website owners. Moreover, FastComet promises to develop and improve product portfolio and services.  Thanks to a growing fantastic team, dedicated management, and reliable partners, they will be the first choice for web hosting service.

Amazing facts for  FastComet review

Dedicated Plan Resources

Provide a full range of services including web hosting, WordPress hosting, domain, Cloud VPS hosting, WooCommerce Hosting, FastComet builder, Dedicate CPU server, OpenCart hosting, Magento hosting.  

One of the key drawbacks of shared hosting is the unequal distribution of resources. Therefore, FastComet promises very good account isolation and dedicated resources for each site. The more isolated an advanced account is, the safer it is. This means the dedicated resources guarantee performance and also show clearly what you will get if you upgrade toward a bigger plan.


Digital data and backups should always go hand in hand. That’s why FastComet produces automatic backups which is easily accessible via cPanel.

Free domain registration

 FastComet used to have a lifetime free domain registration. However, unfortunately, this feature was discontinued. Domain Transfer. Now, the company still offers a good alternative – inbound domain transfer for totally free. By law, domain changes add an additional year to an existing registration. To put it another way, switching your domain to FastComet will give you a free registration year. Additionally, FastComet also provides incredibly enticing renewal fees. Because the organization only charges its customers for the registration fees.

Provide Advanced Tools for Developers

FastComet is definitely user-friendly but at the cost of more advanced users, this is not accomplished. On the contrary, whoever has the knowledge and desire can use a wide array of developer tools. WP-CLI, bash, Drush, Laravel, Genesis, and Symphony are but a few of the many modules and instruments available across all shared plans. GIT also comes preinstalled.

45-day money-back guarantee

Most hosting companies only offer a 30-day money-back guarantee. However, FastComet extends the guaranty to 45 days. That is excellent for customers. One month is hardly enough to test a web host properly while 45 days will give you more time for experimentation and probing.

Reasonable pricing

The initial rates are substantially lower than those you would expect when the renewal time is close. That is the regular bit and is very clearly outlined. In comparison with other hosting companies, FastComet offers a lower price on the starting plan. Moreover, FastComet coupon codes are ready to save up to 65% OFF.

If you are still in doubt that is FastComet good or not? You can read FastComet review through success stories from customers. 

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