Whether you are a working professional, full-time mom or a diligent student, you will easily feel overwhelmed and be pulled in millions of directions. Created by Whitney English, Day Designer is a simple and easy system created to help you find balance, focus and productivity. This Day Designer review will show you why.

Presentation + quality

This may sound shallow or materialistic, but if my planner isn’t absolutely gorgeous, I just won’t want to use it as much. Day Designer is hands-down the prettiest, chicest planner in the game, and breaking it out each morning gives me nothing but pure joy.

Day Designer review

Day Designer Planner – Manage Your Busy Life and Get More Done

In terms of quality, I love that the pages are thick, and the little brass-colored corner protectors are nice, too, since I throw the thing in my tote a lot. As far as durability goes, if you take your Day Designer planner with you everywhere like I do, it will inevitably start to look a bit lived-in after a few months around the edges. But the coiling stays put, the pages don’t tear out easily, and the planner as a whole ages gracefully.

Goal Planning

Two pages are allocated for goal planning and both are useful.

The first page encourages you to think and write down your 3-month, 6-month, 9-month and year goals in your personal care (health and happiness), relationships (friends and family), personal development, resources (time and money) and careers (job, career and community).

On the second page, you can list your goals and then write down your monthly actions, weekly routines, and daily habits you’ll take to get there. Finally, you describe what the process looks like so you know you are moving forward.

You know, this is great because it will help me bring my goal to fruition.

If you’re looking for a smart notebook that sends handwritten notes to your devices, Rocketbook is my personal recommendation based on its price, reliability, and simplicity. Click here to discover it.

Ideal month + Week

The next part is my favorite. It helps you create a schedule and encourages block planning to keep you on track.

The first page is dedicated to the month as at large and you write down your monthly actions from the Goal Planning section of the book.

The second page is dedicated to your Ideal Week, in the form of block planning: hour by hour, day by day. However, you won’t always be on schedule, but I find it great to have schedules. With it, I said thatI’m getting roughly 2x the amount done that I did without it.

Day Designer review

In my search to find the best planner, the Day Designer caught my attention.

Full-Page Day Plans

This is where magic really happens. A full page is devoted to each day and the layout is so good.

Top of the page:

  • Inspirational quote
  • “Today’s Top Three” (Things you NEED to accomplish or else you will die.)
  • Due (Deadlines)
  • Dinner
  • Dollars
  • Don’t Forget

Middle of the page:

  • Schedule, hour by hour
  • To-Do with check boxes

Bottom of the page:

  • Notes (White box. Just extra writing space.)
  • Daily gratitude

In addition, at the end of each month, there is a “note” section. You can use this section and write down your important points.

Day Designer review

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Day Designer review – What about the price?

If you want to plan your day down to detail, then Day Designer can be the perfect planner for you.

That said, it’s pricey. (Around $59 for the full-sized and $49 for the mini.) The good news, though, is that there is a more affordable option: the Day Designer for Blue Sky, which is a collaboration the company recently did. The planners are priced far more affordably. This one is $29.99, and it features a very similar design. It also is navy-and-white striped.

Does Day Designer provide coupon codes?

Yes, on major holidays of the year, Day Designer also often offers promotions such as direct discounts on products or discount codes. Here are some valid discount codes you can use for your next order.

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