Scroll down to read our in-depth Craftybase Review. What you should know, Craftybase features, pricing plans and support. The pros and cons of Craftybase as an accountant, everything is explained below.

Craftybase Review – Is it any good?

What is Craftybase? And is it any good? Follow my Craftybase review to if you’re good for it?

What is Craftybase?

Cloud-based solution for raw material management and product inventory. Features include: sales tracking, invoicing, order management, COGS and inventory valuation and pricing suggestions.

Craftybase-review-inventory-bookkeeping software
Craftybase Review-Inventory Bookkeeping Software

Best for

Handicraft sellers want to track their product and material inventory, cost of goods sold and bookkeeping.

Craftybase Pricing

Craftybase is offered on three pricing plans. There is a 14-day free trial avaliable and a discount  is given for anually commitments.

  • Pro – $23 per month (monthly payment) or $19 per month (annual payment).
  • Studio – $35 per month (monthly payment) or $29 per month (annual payment).
  • Indie – $59 per month (pay monthly) or $49 per month (pay annually).

You can go straight to the Craftybase pricing here.

Features of Craftybase

Here’re 4 typical features of Craftybase that it can help you with:

Automated Cost of Goods Sold makes tax time a breeze

Most accounting software is simply not designed for the complexities of handmade manufacturing. Your COGS needs to be much higher than just an authentic number posted to a ledger every year.

Craftybase calculates accurate, fully audible COGS based on your manufacture and  material cost history, and a Schedule C Report instantly with the numbers you need.

Your entire manufacturing history, including internal labor costs, is fully monitored. So you can know exactly how much it costs you to make your products.

Craftybase Review
Craftybase is bookkeeping + Inventory software designed specially for handmade sellers.

Know your real-time inventory

Keep a complete, searchable list of products and material lists- available online, wherever you are.

Maintain full purchase histories for everything you buy and let Craftybase do the hard work of accurately calculating the value of your current inventory.

Create recipes for commonly used combinations of materials, with associated suggested pricing guidance and detailed profit margin calculations.

Set prices confidently when you know your exact costs

Confidently set prices for your products based on your current exact manufacturing costs.

Just list the materials and amount you use to manufacture your product and Craftybase will continuously monitor and calculate up-to-the-minute recommended pricing and your estimated profit margins, including Etsy fees and commissions.

Create pricing and price points for your retail, wholesale, consignment and online sales channels and configure markups for each.

Stay on top of your business with detailed reporting

You’ll find a wide range of traditional, bookkeeping-friendly reports, such as Profit & Loss, Sales and Expenditure, and their popular Schedule C guide.

Along with this is a series of reports and graphs specific to small batch craft business such as cost of goods sold analysis, inventory valuation and manufacture activity summaries.

Craftybase instant profit guidance feature allows you to see a complete breakdown of your costs and profit margins on all of your products or orders.

Great Offer

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