Craft And Survive is a game hosting provider. It provides game servers and dedicated server. If you want to rent a server, read our Craftandsurvive review before making an order.

6 Ways Craft & Survive Attracts Customers

6 Ways To Attracts Customers - Craftandsurvive review
6 Ways To Attracts Customers – Craftandsurvive review

Backup Restore System

With Craft and Survive, your server is backed up every 15 minutes. There is a offsite backup system which contains all backed up files. So, you can restore them by clicking on the restore button.

Steam Workshop

This hosting provider also offers mod workshop tool. It allows you download lots of ARK mods straight to your server. In other words, you don’t have to upload large files via FTP anymore. All you need to do is putting the mod id in.

All Maps/Dlc Supported

Its system supports all maps, including custom built maps. Users can select and save any map by using the drop-down menu. Besides, Craft and Survive also supports all DLC.

Advanced Control Panel

Craft and Survive is always proud of its control panel. The advance control panel has full FTP which is built in file manager and MySQL manager. Moreover, you can easily use configurators, PID, stop, start or scheduled tasks.

Easy Configurators

Apart from the standard text editor, it also provides an easy configurator for novice users. Simply drop down menus and text input areas before saving. By that way, changing your server settings becomes easier than ever.

Beyond-Api Plugin Support

With just a click on the Install button inside the Mod Manager, you can install Beyond Api. In addition, Craft and Survive offers support tickets for all users. You should use them to upload your plugins via the File Manager.

Craftandsurvive Review From Users

Craftandsurvive reviews and coupons
Craftandsurvive reviews and coupons

LJ Millington: I and a few friends have been playing Exile Arma 3 on Craft and Survive for about a year. We really love the Server Speeds. The customer support has been great as well. Highly Recommend!

Merrie: The server was set up and came online quickly. Asking a couple of questions about setting up my particular game, the staff responded well.

TerryM: I’ve used CraftAndSurvive for almost 2 years for ARK and PixARK. Getting started is fast and easy. The control panel makes it easy for me to manage my server. I’ve rarely had issues but when I have, someone was there within seconds to help me get things fixed immediately.

If you want to save money, check out our coupon codes and deals in this Craftandsurvive review. We hope you get the best server at the lowest price.

Great Offer

Great Offer

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