Playing tennis alone sounds like a joke, but it is possible with the tennis training tools at Connected Clubs.

This is really an extremely convenient sports kit to help players exercise their health, satisfy their passion for playing tennis anytime, anywhere. Without a training ground, a coach, a shot machine, or players, you can master yourself at Connected Clubs.

Why do you need Connected Clubs tools?

  • The home tennis kit does not need a partner to play, no need to pick up balls at home. It enhances your muscles and develops your reflexes, improves mastery in the footwork, improves hand-eye coordination.
  • Without going to the training ground, now you can also train your hitting skills: forehand, backhand, serve. You are able to increase the hit of the ball and increase the power of the shots.
  • Besides, it helps you save time, just take a few free minutes every day to practice.
  • All the tools and devices fit in a tennis bag.
  • You can practice alone or with your partner.
  • The price is affordable for a perfect skill compared to equipment in the market: no yard rental costs, instructors.

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What kinds of tennis training tools and devices you can buy at Connected Clubs?

Billie Jean King’s Eye Coach

“5 minutes of Eye Coach ball-striking equals 1 hour on court.” That’s true.

This is a fantastic way for people or families to practice together and bring skills back to the court during these periods.

Promise if you train with it 10 minutes a day, the result can be over 40% better balance, power, and accuracy.

Moreover, Billie Jean King’s Eye Coach can be used both at home and on the ground.

 The Eye Coach Pro is perfect for players of any ability level

Light weight: 6 kg

Price: £170.83 – £202.50

Tennis Training Tools - Billie Jean King’s Eye Coach

Heavy Trainer – Tennis, Cricket & Lacrosse

Greatly, the tool has many benefits and a flexible design for Tennis, Cricket, and Lacrosse sport.

The benefits include:

  • Improve Muscle Memory
  • With a complete shoulder turn, you can increase your versatility.
  • Increase the pace of your racket, ball, and bat.

Price: £16.67 – £133.33

Heavy Trainer - Tennis Training Tools


PIXIO and PIXEM are auto-follow cameras with a range of 100m. They feature fully automatic zoom and unrivaled accuracy that film-moving targets both indoors and outdoors.

This device is perfect for trainers who have to live stream every day.

PIXIO Tennis Training Tools

PIXIO rotates 360° automatically to keep your camera pointing at you from a far distance. It captures videos of you and your friends in a way you’ve never seen before, easily and professionally. Make it a PIXIO because you only have one chance to catch the moment.

Price: —

Below the post, we have some discounts and coupons for you to shop at Connected Clubs, Feel free to enjoy and hope you will become a master of a tennis player with the Connected Clubs tennis training tools.

Grasp the Connected Clubs discounts and coupons

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