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Case Station review

Case Station review: You want to find a place to buy customized and personalized phone cases. Case Station will be a good choice. Read our Case Station review to find more information.

What is Case Station?

Case Station provides the best custom and personalized cases for smartphones and tablets. Their high-end materials, custom coatings, and printing technology are unrivaled.

When you walk up to a Case Station unit, their high-quality cases are visible, unobscured by packaging. You can see and feel their premium quality. There’s nothing to be afraid of because there’s nothing to hide.

Your story can be told using a template from their Art Collection, or it can be fully customized with photos and text. The Case Station experience is unrivaled due to their attention to detail.

It’s one-of-a-kind, whether it’s an artist’s latest concept on a phone cover, a gift, a snapshot in time, or a lifetime’s work.

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Type of phone case

The Snap Case makes slipping your phone into a pocket or handbag a breeze. Snap is a slim and stylish package that provides the best possible protection for any smartphone. It was constructed with materials and features that are suitable for use in space.

The Tough Case is designed for those who enjoy putting up a fight. It has two layers for added security and longevity. The Tough case is rendered almost indestructible with materials designed for space but used on Earth. The additional liner protects your phone from harm.

The Folio Case is a brilliant way to transport all of life’s essentials. It has a distinctive appearance due to its streamlined shape and contemporary style. The Folio makes a statement with its fake leather and modern grey elastic fastening.


Case Station review


How to design a phone case?

Your photo will be printed on the case’s page. Please make sure that your picture goes to the blue dotted line in the case designer to ensure that it wraps all around the case.

You can make your case with personal photographs.

To make your case look great, we suggest that your picture be 300 DPI.

Dots per inch is referred to as DPI. Dots per inch (DPI) is the standard measurement of printed image quality on paper in printing.

You can open the image in Photoshop and go to image size, or you can open it in Preview and go to image size on your laptop.

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