Boostup Social controls a power network including large accounts. Their Instagram marketing experts shared with us some secret tips which make your account growth better.

Instagram Stories

Instagram Story - Boostup Social review
Instagram Story – Boostup Social review

First, you need to get more audience for the new content on your account. A simple way is using your story to upload something right after your currant post.

In fact, the story helps your account appear more often. Your followers will remember your account as they usually see your name on top of their feed.

People tend to check your account after recalling its name. Therefore, your current post can gain more Comment, Like and Save. It helps the new content hit the explore page.

Next, do you know the change of Instagram’s algorithm?

Instagram always displayed recently posts on the top of the feed of a user. However, this chronological order has been changed. Now, the app just shows the content that people may like.

When a person approaches to your stories and posts, Instagram will think that he/she likes your account. Therefore, its algorithm will put your recent post on top of that user’s feed. Besides, you should generate a poll on your stories. The app also appreciates the interaction you receive.

On Instagram, only your followers can see your stories. However, with a decent follower base, you still get more attention from others. Please note that you shouldn’t overdo it. Your followers may feel uncomfortable and see your post as spam.

Social Timing

Time to Post - Boostup Social review
Time to Post – Boostup Social review

It’s important to understand your follower base. Instead of using only business profiles, you had better find out the behavior of your followers. Moreover, you also need to capture their changing interests.

That’s right! The main key is knowing what time is your followers most active. Then, you can choose the time which is suitable for both yourself and your audience. A post in the right time can extend the engagement and help it reach the explore page.

Use Boostup Social

Boostup Social Powerlikes
Boostup Social Powerlikes

These are 2 basic tricks for those who want to boost the amount of their Instagram interaction. If you wish to learn more, you can visit Boostup Social. They have true organic growth services and packages to grow and retain your follower base.

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