Bitmap Books is a must-have destination for those who are interested in videogames. It has loads of curiosity and information to discover. Read my Bitmap Books review to learn more about what it brings to you.

Our review introduces three Bitmap Books that received the highest reviews from customers. Don’t forget to use the Bitmap Books coupon code at the end if you want to buy.

Commodore 64: a visual compendium

The book backs to the 1980s and takes you on the journey of the C64’s varied and colorful gaming library.

You will find a series of features, including profiles of key Britsoft developers, interviews with famous C64 artists, a look back at the demo scenes. Additionally, there is a showcase of unreleased titles and the new games being released more than 20 years in the book.

You will see a lot of amazing C64 titles like think Dropzone, Impossible Mission, Elite, Mercenary, Uridium, The Last Ninja.

This book, therefore, pays tribute not only to the seminal games of the official lifetime of the C64 but also to the developers who kept the machine alive.

Commodore 64 receives 85 reviews from customers with compliments about the quality and the memories it brings back through each page.

With £29.99, you are able to access interesting stories, a perfect series of visual compendiums.

Bitmap Books review - Commodore 64 a visual compendium


The Art of Point-and-Click Adventure Games

The Art of Point-and-Click Adventure Games is a sumptuous 500-page, hardback coffee table book filled with the finest pixel art and classic game scenes that characterize this genre the most.

It includes more than 50 detailed and exclusive interviews with key developers, creators, and artists behind some of the medium’s most beloved games and characters in history.

With this book, you catch those titles like classic King’s Quest, Myst, Toonstruck, Discworld, Blade Runner, Gabriel Knight, Flight of the Amazon Queen, Simon the Sorcerer, The Secret of Monkey Island, The Dig, Maniac Mansion, and Full Throttle. They are all the most famous and iconic point-and-click adventures

The Art of Point-and-Click Adventure Games gets 230 reviews from buyers. They admit that it is such an interesting book with so many beautiful games from the past. If you have a great nostalgic journey with it, click the link below to get that book.

Bitmap Books review - The Art of Point-and-Click Adventure Games


Metal Slug: The Ultimate History

The book pulls you back to the year 1996 when the original Metal Slug laid the foundations for an action-packed series that would become global. The game was famous for its tight gameplay, gorgeous hand-drawn visuals, and playful sense of humor. Now, everything is represented on Metal Slug: The Ultimate History.

The book also contains 11 exclusive and incredibly detailed interviews with key members of the development team. It promises to bring you a wonderful time to celebrate the iconic artwork which has made millions of players fall in love with the antics of the plucky Peregrine Falcon Squad.

The book receives 321 five-star reviews from customers and is highly recommended for its perfect quality, well packing.

Bitmap Books review-Metal Slug The Ultimate History


Bitmap Books review- why choose it?

– Price is affordable. However, no Bitmap Books coupon code and the discount is available at this time to cut down the original price.

Price gets 4/5 stars.

– Shipping is very fast and great.  For UK orders, you can receive shipping the next day while you order very late last night. Bitmap Books also offers worldwide shipping.

Shipping gets 5 stars.

– Quality is perfect, the books are full of interesting information and get you to have a great time.

Quality gets 4/5 stars.

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