review is also for kitchen lovers and for anyone who care about your health in kitchen.

Thephilosophie overview

At thephilosophie, you will find Superfood Blends, Superfood Infusions and Wellness Products. Spending more time in the kitchen at home calls for plenty of time and baking, blending will become more enjoyable for the whole family with Thephilosophie.

Best-seller products

Thephilosophie Coconut Magic Butter

Coconut Magic Coconut Butter is an excellent complement to every diet. This coconut butter is made from delicious, whole ingredients and nourishing coconut meat. Moreover, it is full of nutrients such as potassium, vitamin C, iron, lauric acid and magnesium. review

Do you know the wonderful advantages of using Coconut Magic Butter for health?

+ Lose weight

You may wonder:  Because coconut butter is fat, does it help lose weight? However, the saturated fat in coconut butter is very healthy. The lauric acid in coconut butter can fight bacteria, improve the quality of cholesterol> Besides, it also boosts metabolism, burn calories effectively … thereby, it can help for weight loss.

+ Boost the immune system

According to a US HEAL report, mother’s milk is best for the immune health of babies and young children. And second is coconut. Studies show that 50% of breast milk is saturated fat, of which 20% is lauric acid. Meanwhile, Lauric acid is also found in coconut butter. That is, eating coconut butter may also help boost the immune system in humans.

+ Antiviral properties

Thanks to containing lauric acid, eating coconut butter can help prevent and support the treatment of viral infections, such as: Flu, the common cold, aphthous stomatitis, genital herpes, genital warts and more.  Moreover, it can even help fight bronchitis, gonorrhea, fungal / candidiasis, Chlamydia and Tinea infection (ringworm).

+ Support athletic performance

Thanks to its medium chain fatty acids, coconut butter can provide an enhancement to athletic performance. This works because it contains MCTs (average chain of triglycerides), which are absorbed faster by the body. This, in turn, creates a source of fat burning for energy. In brief, these coconut butters contain only healthy fats and fiber which keep you full, energized and focused.

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Berry Bliss

Berry Bliss is rich in antioxidants, calcium, vitamin A and provides camu camu. It is one of the most plentiful sources of vitamin C in the world. No fillers means you need just a small amount of this great combination to experience an energy change.

Plus, this Berry Bliss has an impressive mix with the highest quality, sprouted, raw brown rice protein powder. It is added creamy light flavor and nourishing gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA) boost. review


Can you believe that this superfood and protein blend packs more vitamin C than 10 oranges, more protein than an egg, more antioxidants than 10 cups of green tea, and more vitamin A than a cup of lettuce?  Therefore, Berry Bliss is Berry Bliss is a source of daily vitamin supplements for the body.

How to use Berry Bliss creatively

Philosophie offers some creative mix with Berry Bliss for you to refer.

You can mix for a tart berry taste and a blast of antioxidants with the plain yogurt.

Also, you blend with lemon juice and olive oil for a fresh, tangy, and antioxidant-rich salad cover

Add a smoothie to your morning or after workout, like this Beet Berry Bliss Smoothie.

Apply to every batter, like this Heavenly Rosewater Cake, for pancakes, waffles, cookies or other baked goods.

Besides, Philosophie also have other flavors like green, cacao and so on.

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Why Should Buy At Philosophie review

  • Philosophie products keep your body safe, healthy, energetic and begin every day with full of energy
  • Also, you don’t have to worry about weight and harms because they are raw, organic, gluten free.
  • Philosophie will make you love your kitchen more, have more passion on creating new desserts and meals.
  • Though the products have little bit higher prices, you should know the high quality ingredients in each product.
  • Flavors are so tasty. coupon code coupons and discount can never be lacking in our review. We always want our beloved customer to saving more money on online shopping. From here, you can update the Philosophie’s biggest verified coupons and best offers. This time, we have coupon code 15% off.

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Suggestion for kitchen lovers

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