The body fights against temperature to avoid over heating. With Temp Drop review, you will learn more about a device which determine your true temperature during sleep.

Temp Drop review

How Temp Drop works

Our body temperature changes and regulates throughout the day. As you can see in the chart above, our bodies are the coolest at 6am – the time when many people wake up. Throughout the day, you continue to heat up to the climax of 21h – the time many people start preparing to go to sleep. Then, your body temperature drops to its coolest point at 6am.Have you ever found yourself most lazy when your body is hot? It is due to the inevitable physiological reaction of our body.

Temp Drop is a portable basal body temperature thermometer which was launched onto the market in 2017. Instead of setting an alarm, Women can simply put the thermometer on in front of bed. You wear it around your upper arm. Otherwise, you can also wear it in a bra. To measure the basal body temperature, it takes 3 hours of sleep. The app uses an algorithm to determine your true temperature, no matter how many times you’ve got up all night or whether you’ve had restless sleep this evening.. This includes 24 hours of data, and must be updated at least every 24 hours or you will lose previous data. After 30 days of wearing this, the algorithm is kicking in. During days 31-60, the device continues to learn your patterns. By day 60, the device will only change and make improvements to the last 3 temperatures taken.

Temp Drop review


Who is Temp Drop for?

This system is suitable for shift workers, breastfeeding mothers and other women who, at different times, do not get a regular amount of sleep and wake up. When you can’t take your temperature with a standard basal body thermometer due to breastfeeding, shift work, or other irregular sleep patterns, this tool can help you practice any sympto-thermal fertility sensitivity or natural family planning process.

Temp Drop customer review

Temp Drop review

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Temp Drop price

  • Basic Package is $149 (12 month warranty).
  • Tempdrop Confidence Package is $189 (12 month refund guarantee, 24 month warranty, Tempdrop Care available).
  • Tempdrop Freedom Package is $249 (24 month warranty, Tempdrop Care, 12 month refund guarantee, extra armband and battery)

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To save the price, use the Temp Drop coupon code at Hotreview4u below this Temp Drop review. Some people say that the price is a little bit high. However, there are a lot of pros you can find at Temp Drop. I have to say that the customer service is very good. If there is an issue with the Tempdrop frame breaking, they fixed this issue for free. Join the Temp Drop Facebook group for support and charting help anytime. Besides, you won’t need to set it to take your temperature if you wear Temp Drop.

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