This SSP Eyewear Review is for those who are looking for both fashionable and affordable glasses.

As you may not know, 87% of eye injuries occur because people  were not wearing safety glasses. People don’t wear safety glasses because they are not trendy, uncomfortable and obstruct their view. Therefore, SSP Eyewear is dedicated to creating sunglasses that are fashionable, comfortable and beg to be worn.

SSP Eyewear Review – What Makes Them Unique?

In addition to being trendy, SSP glasses also have many outstanding features.

Shatterproof Lenses

SSP safety sunglass lenses are prepared with a premium scratch-resistant coating and shatterproof polycarbonate. All SSP safety sunglasses meet or exceed ANSI Z87 + and are marked on the temple and at least one lens.

Each pair of safety glasses is tested with a complex machine that shoots a 1/4 inch steel ball at more than 100 miles per hour.

SSP Eyewear Review

High Quality Decentered Lenses

Have you ever worn a cheap pair of glasses and ended up with a headache? All SSP lenses are designed with high-quality optically correct Decentered Lenses. This feature makes the lens optically accurate for better visibility and eliminates refraction on curved lenses.

Rubber Tips

A unique rubber compound that is permanently attached, is soft and flexible  for nose pads and temple tips. As it is exposed to moisture from sweat and body temperature, it becomes sticky, holding the glasses firmly to your face.


The frames are designed precisely to position your safety sunglasses at three point of contact. You will feel fit without unwanted pressure points. The wrap-around design positions the lenses in a way that ensures the widest and clearest field of vision possible and minimizes distortion.

SSP Eyewear Hot Products

SSP Eyewear Review

SSP Eyewear Review

For a decade, SSP Eyewear has provided world class eyewear to everyone all over the world. Their main product is safety sunglasses. Below are some of SSP Eyewear’s top products:

Methow RX Adapter

For those in need of safety glasses, the Methow RX Adapter will be a long-awaited solution for you. In particular, the new RX-Able Adapter is a special feature from SSP Eyewear. This translucent tough TR-90 RX-able adapter can prevent blind spots.

All you have to do is take the adapter to your optometrist. Moreover, you can use it for many years as the Methow lens will protect your prescription insert from flying debris.

Top Focal Ultra Kit

The Top Focal Ultra Kit is everything you need in any lighting condition. It helps you see your sights and goals easier. The full kit includes a full set of lenses with bifocal magnification at the top of the lens.

Besides, this kit also contains a full set of lenses with the usual lower binoculars. That means you can use the upper bifocals for one eye and one bottom binocular on the other lens.

Methow Kit

Methow Kit is a great choice for those looking for the most versatile safety shooting glass. This kit also has an optional Methow RX Adapter if you wear prescription glasses.

It contains trap, skeet, sporting clay and 5 stands. Furthermore, you can choose from 6 different color fog-proof lenses.

Finally, if you want to make a purchase, go to their official website: and don’t forget to use the SSP Eyewear discount code below to save money.

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