SnTHostings Seedbox Review 2024 – Is It Reliable?

SnTHostings Seedbox Review 2021 - Is It Reliable

SnTHostings offers Seedbox, VPS, RDP, and Server at optimal pricing. Their top three criteria are simple, quick, and easy. Let’s find out if they have the top quality service or not in my SnTHostings Seedbox review.

SnTHostings Seedbox Review

Main Features

SnTHostings Seedbox review - Main Features
SnTHostings Seedbox review – Main Features

Firstly, I realize that Snthostings provides an exclusive panel for users when they choose this service. This is a plus because other providers often do not give users access to this function.

Especially, the creators gathered information from users to make it easier for them to use the panel. In addition, you will definitely get Seedbox Panel whether you buy a small or big box. However, if you choose their Dedicated Plan, you can enjoy a faster and better panel.

So, what will you get from a seedbox?


To put it simply, it’s a web version of seedbox. The main function of ruTorrent is to increase download and upload productivity to the maximum extent for torrents.


If you’re looking for something faster and lighter than ruTorrent, Deluge will be the perfect option.


This feature helps you retrieve new episodes of your favorite shows as fast as possible. Besides, Snthostings combines it with each plan, including both Rare Box and Major Box.


This is the best solution for download errors. In other words, SickBeard will solve any problem causing errors during download. And then, it automatically downloads your favorite show.


Want to watch a new movie of the best quality? You should choose CouchPotato. It can download any movies of the best quality as soon as they are released.


Finally, this NZB downloader simplifies the downloading verifying, and extracting of files from Usenet. It is user-friendly and runs on multiple platforms.

SnTHostings Prices

SnTHostings Seedbox review - Price
SnTHostings Seedbox review – Price

I’m going to list 5 main options in this SnTHostings Seedbox review. The cheapest plan starts with 100MBPS Seedbox. It costs only $6.29/Per Month.

Next, you can choose the High Storage Seedbox with 450GB – 4TB @ 500MBPS. And you will have to pay $12.99/Per Month.

The third option is 1GBPS Seedbox. It costs $19.99/Per Month for 300GB – 600GB @ 1GBPS.

However, I’d like to recommend the Dedicated Seedbox and Dedicated SSD Seedbox. They’re the perfect choice if you want the fastest, widest, and strongest service.

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