At Ugritone, you can find raw, unpolished, natural sounding Drum Samples. Whether you like Old School or New School Heavy Music, chances are they probably already a kit that suits your needs. Learn more information at this Ugritone review.

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Ugritone review – Who are they?

Ugritone review

Ugritone provides audio tools produced by Ron D. Rock and Toni Kauko. They’re making plug-ins, virtual instruments, and music packs for music producers.

They believe that high quality music tools belong to everyone, which is why you will find their products affordable. Ugritone is not here to make the best sound compressor, nor to make the most accurate EQ; they’re here to make cool new plug-ins that weren’t available before.

Ugritone specializes in realistic-sounding drum kits that are deliberately raw and ready for you to process as you desire. These are not world-famous, super high-end studio, radio-ready samples, but they are professionally recorded with many mic positions and plenty of hits for realistic sound. Each kit also comes with matching MIDI groove packages played by a real drummer (also sold separately).

Ugritone best sellers

Let Hotreview4u take a look at some typical Ugritone drum kits.

Anarchy Drums

Ugritone review

We’ll start with Anarchy Drums, which is the most recent release. Inspired by the 90s California Skate Punk, what you get is a nice punchy, crunchy kit that matches the bass sound but can be molded into rock and metal tracks.

Comprised of over 2800 unique samples, you can totally play super fast beats on this set without ever making a machine gun sound in a cheap computer game.

In addition, these are purely raw samples so out of dynamics and saturation already baked in via the real microphone, and the tape is used to capture them, with no further processing. This gives you take full control over their final tonal destination.

Riot Drums

This is another faithfully DIY recorded punk kit with all the same functionality as the Anarchy plugin. It’s different kit and a different room and we feel like the player actually smashed this one. The ambience is wonderful. This really sounds like a live drum kit and would be perfect for heavy, dirty punk records.

Again, the samples are raw and plentiful, allowing you to control the mix where it needs to be. Tonally, everything you need has been captured, you just need to slice and strengthen as required. Moreover, this drum kit comes in a variety of close and room mics to combine to make that room sound the way you want.

Ugritone review

Djenthugga Drums

Finally, we have to tell you about Djenthugga Drums. This is like a chunky, cheeky, slightly brutal little bro to the uber-hench Anarchy and Riot twins. There are no cymbals on this kit, just kick, snare and toms. You also don’t get fancy mixers or routing options. You can adjust the EQ for each piece in the single screen you get.

However, for all its simplicity, Djenthugga delivers a solid set of sounds capable of confidently underpinning a tight, heavy metal track. The lower price reflects the lower functionality and number of samples, but the quality remains top notch.

Final thought

Well, if you want to try out some unique and fresh sounds, Ugritone has a kit that will work for you.

These kits are not played by world-famous drummers in world-famous studios. And that’s why they’re perfect for the authentic sound of your Crust/D-Beat/Pop-Punk/Woteva bedroom studio project. Of course, the price is also much more affordable.

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