Baby’s skin is soft and sensitive. So, parents should choose the product lines that are derived from natural to protect our children. Today, I want to recommend Little Shoppers ECO Bamboo Wipes which is one of the most suitable product line for baby’s skin.

Reasons To Buy ECO Bamboo Wipes

The ECO Bamboo Biodegradable Wipes is one of the newest product lines from Little Shoppers. This Australian company specializes in kids products. Especially, all of their items are free from abrasive chemicals and contain primarily natural ingredients.

Why Choose Little Shoppers ECO Bamboo Wipes
Why Choose Little Shoppers ECO Bamboo Wipes

Recently, they have launched the new ECO wipes produced in New Zealand. So, why are they the perfect choice for sensitive skin?

No Allergic Reaction

Firstly, Little Shoppers has carried out many tests before delivering the product to consumers. They confirm their Eco Bamboo wipes do not cause any symptoms of allergy for babies and children.

100% Natural Ingredients

Secondly, the company use New Zealand purified water and Japanese soy bean amino acid to make their products. In other words, their Eco range of wipes doesn’t contain nasty chemicals, parabens or alcohol. Therefore, you can use them for both your baby’s face and body.

100% Natural Ingredients - Little Shoppers ECO Bamboo Wipes
100% Natural Ingredients – Little Shoppers ECO Bamboo Wipes

The Bamboo Biodegradable Wipes made from:

  • 100% Natural Bamboo fibre
  • Purified NZ water
  • Glycerin (vegetable)
  • Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice
  • Citric Acid (lemon extract)
  • Soybean amino acid (natural)
  • Tocopherol (vitamin E)

Eco-friendly Product

Besides, these Eco wipes are plastic free. In fact, they can biodegrade within 45 days. So, when you choose Little Shoppers ECO Bamboo Wipes, you’re protecting not only your children, but also the Earth. Or we can say “Protect your kid’s future“!

Little Shoppers ECO Bamboo Wipes Price

Today, you just need to spend $5.95 to own a packet of ECO Bamboo Biodegradable Wipes. Moreover, you can buy 3 packets with $16.95 or 12 packets with $59.95. And the price of 24 packets of ECO Bamboo Wipes will be $114.95.

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