Lifepixel review – Learn all about infrared photography

Lifepixel review

Lifepixel review: Do you want to see some of what it takes to convert a camera to infrared? Choose Lifepixel as your camera conversion provider! Read our Lifepixel review to find the answer.

Why should you choose Lifepixel?

Lifepixel is the market leader and innovator. They offer Super Color, Hyper Color, Enhanced, and Super Blue conversions. It is trusted by the world’s biggest brands and organizations.

They offer DIY IR Filters and are the only ones to provide IR conversion tutorials. Free live one on one training – learn from the experts, and take great IR photos FAST.

Lifepixel has advanced focus calibration options. Your camera will focus right, every time. They provide a 1-year warranty on all conversions.

What exactly does Lifepixel do to the camera?

Most Camera manufacturers stop infrared light from contaminating the images by placing a hot mirror filter in front of the sensor. However, Lifepixel removes this hot mirror filter and replaces it with infrared.

Then they adjust the focus. Compacts are adjusted for the built-in lens and DSLR cameras are adjusted to a 50mm 1.8 II lens or 18-70DX lens. But you can also choose the custom lens calibration service. With this option, they will calibrate the camera to the lens you send in with your DSLR.


Lifepixel review


Lifepixel reviews from customers

  • I had my camera converted to 720 black and white. Customer service was great and very patient with all my questions. The order was completed in a timely fashion.
  • The people at LifePixel are just SUPERB. It was a great experience from the start–contacting them before sending out my camera and lens–to finish–getting back my gear in pristine condition. My life with infrared has only just begun and what a wonderful entry!!
  • I sent my Panasonic Lumix G1 over to Life Pixels to be converted into Infrared and chose the super blue filter. Since it has been returned to me, I have been out and around several of the large parks in my area in full sunlight, and I am absolutely delighted with the results that I am getting. I just love the Infrared camera.

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