Learn Muscles Review 2024: How to Learn About Muscles Thoroughly

learn muscles review

Learn Muscles ReviewLearn Muscles provides extremely high-quality educational anatomy, physiology, and manual movement therapy! If you are finding a website to learn about muscles, you are at the right place. Let’s dive in to Learn Muscles review to discover more!

About Dr. Joe Muscolino

For more than 30 years, Dr. Joe Muscolino has been a manual therapy educator, a global lecturer, and an author. His capacity to apply anatomy to manual and movement therapy is excellent!

Dr. Joe Muscolino is the author of several publications on kinesiology, measurement of palpation, and body mechanics. Moreover, his methods of manual and movement therapy are valuable and appreciated by many people. 

Learn Muscles review

Two main classes at Learn Muscles

There are two classes on the website along with a lot of materials, e-books, and free videos for you to learn from.

LearnMuscles Continuing Education

LearnMuscles Continuing Education (LMCE) is an online video streaming subscription service for continuing education. It includes all of Dr. Joe Muscolino’s manual and movement therapy video content. LMCE course has over 2300 video lessons and over 250 FREE NCBTMB CE credits now.

Moreover, seven (7) new lessons are added each and every week!! Therefore, you always keep updated with new knowledge.

Go to learnmuscles.com and click on the LMCE page to purchase it.

Muscle Anatomy Master Class

This course provides the most comprehensive and informative online video class for muscle anatomy in the world.

You can learn the course by each module, or region, or you can buy a full course. To clarify,

  • For region purchase, you can choose Upper Extremity, Lower Extremity, Axial Body class
  • For individual modules purchase, you can opt for the shoulder leg, neck, chest, and any part of your body.

Try one video from Dr. Joe Muscolino

Learn Muscles review

Firstly, from there, you can learn from detailed videos and then have a deep understanding of each muscle in your body. Moreover, the videos are awesome with such interesting information.

Take advantage of these extremely high-quality educational anatomies and physiology and manual, movement therapy pieces of artwork!

Secondly,  the doctor also offers treatments for problems with muscles.

After the course, you have enough knowledge, correct exercises, and movements. Therefore, you can avoid any injury in the body like the back, shoulder, leg, and more

Thirdly, great offer! You can get a free monthly subscription to LMCE for manual therapists and movement professionals. Remember that there are > 2,300 video lessons & 250 free NCBTMB CE hours to enjoy. Hence, Don’t miss that golden chance.

Anatomy is applied in many different fields. Physicians study anatomy in one respect. Meanwhile, physiotherapists and bodybuilders use anatomy for another.

We don’t know all about Anatomy. Likewise, we can’t memorize more than 8000 terms of Anatomy as well. Luckily, we have to Learn Muscles here to make it easier.

Importantly, grasp Learn Muscles coupon code in this Learn Muscles review to save at least 15%.



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