You can publish a book that’s good enough to succeed in today’s publishing world with the helping of IndieReader. Don’t just settle for creating a great self-published book. IndieReader will work with you to create a great book. Read our IndieReader review to get more information and get IndieReader coupon code below to save 20% off. 

IndieReader review – What is IndieReader In-Store?

IndieReader In-Store (IRIS) is IR’s marketing and distribution service. Not just another listing, IRIS works with Edelweiss, an online interactive database used by a majority of independent bookstores.

IRIS provides an easy, cost-effective, and efficient way for booksellers to peruse, stock, and sell self-published books and for indie authors to get onto the shelves of indie bookstores. Books distributed by IRIS will carry the trusted IndieReader imprint. You can differentiate them from the millions of other indie books on the market.

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IndieReader review

Why should you choose IndieReader?

  • Get discovered

There were over 1,547,341 books self-published in 2018. An IR Pro book review will help set your title apart from the rest. It also increases your book’s chance for discoverability.

  • Improve your writing

Some authors use their book reviews as a way to improve their writing skills. IR’s reviewers will let you know if you’ve achieved what you set out to do.

  • Cost-effective

There are many Pro book review services to choose from. But at almost half the price as their competitors–with many of the same reviewers–IR clearly offers the best value.

  • Get your book noticed

If your title is IR Approved (4 to 5 stars), it will be included in IR’s “Best Reviewed Books of the Month” feature. It will be posted to the IR site and sent to their 10,000+ subscribers.

What do the IR ratings mean?

IndieReader’s reviewers are tough but fair. They won’t judge your book as compared to other self-published titles, but against other books, period.

Their ratings are based on the following criteria, although reviewers are able to award partial stars, rather than rounding up or down to a whole or half number.

1/5 = Really bad; there’s a reason this book is self-pubbed

2/5 = Mediocre, but one or two bright spots

3/5 = Good; worth reading

4/5 = Very good

5/5 = Excellent; must-read

IndieReader review

How much does it cost?

The cost of listing via IndieReader In-Store is $299 per year.  The renewal fee is $35. Assuming that your title is available via Ingram Wholesale or equivalent major distributor at 40-55% discount and marked returnable.

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