What is the best Excel workbook unlocking software? Excel Password Remover received some votes. So, do you think you should use this removal tool? I’ll show you some useful information about this software in this Excel Password Remover review.

Who is Excel Password Remover?

Established in 1997, The Excel Password Remover has been downloaded by over a million people. Excel Password Remover disables the password security imposed by the Excel commands “Protect sheet” and “Protect workbook”.

You’ll find both free and PRO versions of products to assist you to recover forgotten passwords.

Excel has a number of passwords. The Excel Password Remover covers the first three items on this list:

  1. A password for each sheet that prevents altering and/or viewing of cells.
  2. Password for the workbook structure to secure hidden sheets and the workbook’s sheet structure.
  3. A password to access shared workbooks (not so commonly used)
  4. The password that allows you to access your workbook (check out links at www.straxx.com)
  5. A password to keep the VBA code safe (check out links at www.straxx.com)

Password Remover PRO

The PRO version has the same features as the FREE Excel Password Remover. However, only PRO 2019 and PRO 2019 Mac work with workbooks secured with Excel 2013/2016/2019 Windows or 2016/2019 Mac with the most recent updates.

Only for Mac versions 15, 2003, 2010, 2011, and 2016, the password is presented.

Besides, all sheet and workbook structural protection passwords in the active workbook are removed with a single operation.

When you start Excel with Password Remover PRO, there are no unwanted pop-ups.

There is no time limit on this offer. (At the end of each year, the free version must be upgraded.)


Excel Password Remover review


VBA Password

VBA Password Reset is an Excel add-in that resets the VBA project password to “a”. Excel, Word, and Powerpoint documents are all compatible. Office 2007 or higher is required. It creates an exact clone of the encrypted file, but instead of using a secret password, it uses a known one. VBA Password works almost instantly, regardless of the length or complexity of the password.

It is compatible with Office 2007 -> file formats. If you have an older file, simply save it in the new Office format first (.xlsm, .xlam, .docm, .dotm, .pptm, .ppam)

Excel 2007 or later on Windows 7 or later (not Windows XP or Vista) or Excel for Mac version 16.9 or later is required.

I hope this article has made a full and clear review of Excel Password Remover. Besides, don’t forget to use Excel Password Remover coupons to get many wonderful discounts. Don’t hesitate to give it a try!


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