If you sell on eBay and need a way to calculate your net profit, Easy Auctions Tracker is perfect way. The software provides accounting and bookkeeping to help run your eBay store more efficiently. I will talk about its features in depth in this Easy Auctions Tracker review.

My Easy Auctions Tracker Review

I didn’t know that Easy Auctions Tracker existed until someone in my eBay Facebook group share it. It has really helped my business so I would like to return the favor and maybe introduce some readers to the software.

Until I started using this software a few months ago, I had to manually calculate each eBay sale using a free calculator on the Internet. The calculator isn’t 100% accurate, so I get no real net profit and it takes quite a while every time I calculate.

With this Easy Auctions Tracker, I can import all my eBay transactions in one click. The software collects all the fees associated with eBay and Paypal and all I have to do is give the amount I paid for the items to receive my net profit.

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Easy Auctions Tracker Review 2021

Here’re 5 key features of Easy Auctions Tracker:

  • Sales Data
  • Costs management
  • Commissions tracking
  • Consignment
  • Sales reports and graphs

Now, let’s dig into this software and see what you can do with it.

Easy Auctions Tracker Review  – Free Trial and Pricing

To start with, this tool runs on Microsoft Excel. So you will need to have Excel on your computer if you want to use it. The good news is that you can download a free trial of the software without entering your credit card information.

You can try Easy Auctions Tracker for free with its trial service. Then, if you’re pleased with the spreadsheet and decide to buy, the annual subscription costs $49.99, which includes all updates and tech support throughout the year.

Once you have downloaded and opened the trial version, you can easily get it set up and started by following the instructions on the “Setup & Instructions” tab.

Once you’ve linked the app to your eBay account, you’re ready to go!

Easy Auctions Tracker Review 2021

Easy Auctions Tracker Review – Outstanding features you need to know

The company regularly improve spreadsheets, incorporating feedback from users. Among the features of the software, there are outstanding features that you should pay attention to, which are:

  • Tab “Profit & Loss”. User profit & loss can be viewed at any time with monthly and yearly profit and loss amounts parallel to each other.
  • The “Clients” tab now has the option to charge commissions on a sliding scale (based on the sale price). The option to charge a fixed percentage commission is still there, so users can choose the fee structure they want to use for each client.
  • “Actual Shipping Costs” traceability for users of Selling Manager and Selling Pro who also print their labels with eBay/Paypal shipping.


Easy Auctions Tracker is the best solution I’ve used to do my eBay bookkeeping. It gives me net profit exactly and at a cheaper price than any other software I have ever used.

This software is so easy to use, accurate & a huge time saver. So, if you are a serious eBay seller, I definitely recommend that you consider using this software for your accounting needs.

Remember to download the free trial version and play with everything so you can decide if you like it or not. There are so many tabs to play with!

Website: www.easyauctionstracker.com

Free Trial

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