Are you running out of ideas on how to decorate your child’s room? Let me suggest you some creative and fun decor for kids’ rooms in this Create-A-Mural review. You can choose the style according to your child’s taste to create the most interesting room.

3 Kids Room Decor Ideas

Jungle Adventures

Jungle Room for kids - Create-A-Mural Review
Jungle Room for kids – Create-A-Mural Review

The jungle theme never goes out of date for children. You turn the room into a mysterious and lush rainforest. And then the kids can transform into great explorers on an exciting adventure.

Create-A-Mural sells beautiful hand-painted wall decals. Moreover, every detail like the dense forest foliage with vines and moss hanging around is very real.

Besides, children will admire the wild animals. Stickers include swinging monkeys, prideful lions, a snarling leopard, a giant elephant and a gentle giraffe. Above the trees, a flock of red parrots hovered in the air. All of these create a vivid jungle scene.

Fairy Castle


Splendid castle is for pink-loving dream princesses. Therefore, almost every little girl dreams of turning her room into a lovely kingdom. If your child also likes this theme, suggest to her to decorate the room wall with a picture of a magnificent castle.

The mural version of Create-A-Mural is a castle image with many sparkling pink hearts. In addition, you can stick photos of beautiful fairies dropping miracles on the fairy land on the wall. Your children surely enjoy this shimmering and fanciful scene.

Mysterious Universe

Space Bedroom -Create-A-Mural review
Space Bedroom -Create-A-Mural review

The space bedroom will be a great gift for kids who are passionate about space science, or ‘star wars’. As all children like shiny spaceships and magical planets.

Designing a universe theme is easy with Create-A-Mural. They have large wall mural with sharp drawings. A set includes space craters, rockets, spacecraft, sun, stars and planets. So your child will be completely immersed in the cosmic landscape. Moreover, they can learn a lot of useful knowledge through vivid drawings.

Create-A-Mural Review

Create-A-Mural offers unique murals and wall decals for children’s rooms. If you want to turn a boring room into a magical place, check out their website for lots of cool decorating ideas. However, don’t forget to get Create-A-Mural coupon codes to maximize your savings.

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