Whether you’re about to graduate this year or years from now, graduation  stoles are something every student will become familiar with throughout college. Have the best graduation moments and get the best materials for your senior students from this Cordsandstoles review.

Cordsandstoles Review

Find out what Cordsandstoles sells and what the graduation day items mean.

About Cords and Stoles 

Graduation Day is an important day for all students as it marks an important milestone in your life. With that in mind, Cordsandstoles.com was born to supply all the items for a perfect graduation day including:

  • Double Graduation Honor Cords
  • Graduation and Gowns
  • G.raduation Stoles
  • Single Honors Cords
  • Graduation Diploma Covers
  • Valedictorian and Salutatorian Medals

Keep on reading my Cordsandstoles review for what each graduate item means.

Graduation Honor Cords

Cordsandstoles review

Graduation cords or honor cords are usually intended for students who have earned some kind of academic honor during their stay at a particular institution.

Excellent students, and members of student organizations, clubs and honor societies often wear a graduation cord during the ceremony or commencement in recognition of their achievements.

Graduation Stoles

Cordsandstoles review

A graduation or academic stole is a decorative vestment worn by students who are members of various organizations that aim to denote academic excellence. Stoles may be also used to indicate membership in a professional organization.

Common uses for graduation stoles are for a high school or university valedictorian award, as well as adorn the academic regalia of various university or college courses, schools, or departments.

Graduation Gowns

Cords and Stoles review

Graduation gowns or robes are usually purchased with a cap and a tassel according in the school’s colors.

If you are a student looking to buy a gown for graduation, first make sure that your school is not providing them for you, as even gowns of the same color may have a different cut or style.

Single graduation cords

Cords and stoles review

Most graduates will wear a tassel on their cap during the commencement ceremony, and sometimes a separate or decorative tassel will be kept as a souvenir.

The cordsandstoles.com graduation supplies process is designed to be easy for students or a school purchasing agent, with custom tassels available on bulk or recurring contracts.

Valedictorian and salutatorian medals

Valedictorian and salutatorian medals

Graduation Medallions are usually worn around the neck by honor students or students who receive special recognition at the graduation event.

Schools often buy medals on behalf of their students. If you are a student wondering if you should look into obtaining a medal medallion for your event for your event, be sure to check with the school’s graduation coordinator.

How to wear graduation cords and stoles

For those who don’t know to wear graduation cords and stoles. Below are the detali guides:

With honor stole

  • Take the stole out of the package and make sure it’s in the correct color.
  • Unfold it, so the two points are parallel to each other,
  • Place the stole around your neck with the two points hanging in front of your gown evenly.
  • Adjust the stole to make sure this is the outermost layer of your regalia and laying flat in all areas including around the back of your neck.
  • Resist the urge to throw one corner around your neck or create a fancy bow of some sort; It’s not a silly scarf.

With graduation cords

  • A graduation cord is worn around the neck like a shawl, so one side hangs from each shoulder. 
  • The middle part of the cord, or the knot if you have double or triple-tied cords, will sit immediately behind your neck. 
  • The tassels of the cord hang down evenly on each side. 
  • To lock on the perfect look, remember to fasten the strap on the back of the gown with a safety pin.

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