Coconutsy Review – Handcrafted Coconut Bowls

Coconutsy review

Coconutsy Review: If you want to find a trustworthy place to buy coconut bowls, choose Coconutsy. Coconutsy is a company that makes lovely coconut bowls, candles, and mugs out of repurposed coconut shells. To learn more, read our Coconutsy review.

Who is Coconutsy?

The Coconutsy is an Australian-owned, purpose-driven start-up with a mission to produce items out of raw materials that would otherwise be thrown away. We’ve sold thousands of coconut bowls in the last two years and are constantly growing our line with more eco-friendly and sustainable options.

Coconut bowls, coconut candles, and coconut cups are made from these discarded coconut shells by Coconutsy. They believe in leading a conscientious and active lifestyle, which is why their products are made from materials that would otherwise be discarded. They assist their consumers in shopping based on their principles, such as vegan-friendly, zero-waste, plastic-free, and sustainably sourced products.

Why should you choose Coconutsy?

You are actively supporting greener earth by purchasing their coconut bowls and coconut cutlery. Their coconut bowls and flatware are all plant-based, which means no animal products were used in the manufacturing process. Coconut bowls are made from recycled coconut shells that would otherwise be discarded and turned into attractive bowls to eat from.

They collaborate with some of Australia’s greatest cafes and restaurants to provide you with the best super-charged acai, buddha, poke, and healthy bowls. For your coconut bowls, cups, and plates, Coconutsy has a plethora of recipes and ideas.

They associate coconut bowls with living a healthy lifestyle and eating mindfully. Coconut bowls are all about whole foods, fruits, vegetables, and colorful, nutrient-dense meals for them.


Coconutsy review


Coconutsy reviews from customers

Last year, a friend gave these to me for Christmas, and I thought they were such a great gift; I use mine all the time, so I bought them for a friend, and she likes them as well!

The coconut candle I got for my mother is fantastic!! It’s extremely cute, pretty lovely, and decorative, and it smells incredible. It’s also not harmful to the environment, and we can wash the leftover wax and use it as a bowl once we’re done with the candle!

My Toasted Coconut Candle arrived safely packaged. Coconut is one of my favorite flavors, and you don’t even have to ignite it. The scent is incredible. The bowl is beautiful, and I enjoyed the narrative. The crackle of the wood wick reminds me of my childhood. Thank you. It’s fantastic.

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