You can’t guarantee the safety of your motorcycle without having a motorcycle tracker. I’ll show you 4 reasons why Monimoto is the best motorcycle tracker. Read to the end of the post to pick up some discount codes.

What Is The Best Motorcycle Tracker?

Today, there are many types of motorcycle trackers on the market with different qualities and prices. However, Monimoto is the only device that makes me feel secure when using it for my motorcycle. And these are the reasons why it is such a right choice:

Fast & Easy To Set Up

Easy To Set Up - Best Motorcycle Tracker
Easy To Set Up – Best Motorcycle Tracker

Firstly, you need to take the plastic straps off from the Key Fob and the tracker. Secondly, you simply use the Monimoto app to do everything else, even batteries and SIM card.

It takes you only 10 minutes to set up the tracker via a mobile app wizard. Whether your phone uses iOS or Android operating system, the Monimoto app still works.

Energy Efficient

This motorcycle tracker runs on battery power. Each device comes with 2 single-use batteries. In other words, it doesn’t need your motorcycle’s battery power. Especially, you can use two long-life batteries of Monimoto within 12 months.

After that, you can buy two CR123A batteries to replace them. It is not difficult to buy this type of battery. I’m sure you can find them in a grocery store or on Amazon.


Wireless Monimoto - Best Motorcycle Tracker
Wireless Monimoto – Best Motorcycle Tracker

This motorcycle tracker is a handy compact device that does not include wires. So, you don’t have to pay for extra expenses. Moreover, you can easily remove the tracker and mount it in another motorcycle.

Think about it! You can deceive thieves by making them think that there is no motorcycle tracking device. That’s because they won’t find additional wires.

Alert Call

If the device detects suspicious movement, you will get an alert call immediately. Actually, I like this feature because the call will get the owner’s attention rather than a text message.

Besides, you don’t have to worry about forgetting to activate this device. Monimoto has the ability to start automatically when you get off the motorcycle. In addition, it also automatically disabled when it detects your Key Fob.

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