If you’re looking to make money online and work from home from your SMARTPHONE, then don’t miss this post. Because I’m going to show you the 8 best money making apps just about anybody can use to earn some cash.

Swagbucks – One of The Best Money Making Apps

There are many ways to earn a bit of cash online. But one of the longest running, reputable companies for this is Swagbucks.

Swagbucks has paid out over $192,195,020 in cash and gift cards for free! They are currently A + rated with Better Sales Department.

The questions are pretty simple, like where do you buy coffee and What type of appliances do you own?

swagbucks making money apps


You can usually earn around $ 5 for 30 minutes of work.

This app makes it really easy to earn rewards without having to think about it. Simply link it to your credit and debit cards, spend as you normally would, and then earn points by shopping with your favorite retailers. You can redeem the points you have earned for free gift cards.

Surveys On the Go

Here’s another survey app that lets you set up your profile and then do surveys for which you get paid. It allows you to rate shopping and product experiences or even review movies or TV shows. You will get your first dollar instantly when you download the app.

Surveys-On-the Go

Bookscouter – Use This App To Sell Your Old Books

Bookscouter is an app for selling old books you don’t want to keep. Simply grab your smartphone and scan the barcodes of the books you want to sell. After you scan the barcode, Bookscouter will allow you to see offers from at least 20companies that buy back books.

Once you have settled on the best offer, you will be asked to fill in some information about where you want the payments to be sent. Finally, you will forward the book to the address of the acquisition company you selected.


Share your insights with The Harris Poll, a trustworthy company that has been doing market research for over 20 years. If you shop online, you can make money by helping research companies learn more about what people are buying online. Companies use this information to improve your shopping experience. Get started in 3 easy steps and get $3 just by signing up!

  • Sign up now (only takes a few minutes)
  • Install ShopTracker application
  • Start earning rewards month after month

making money apps

Foap – Sell Your Photos

If you love taking photos for fun, then Foap app is the great option. Foap allows you to make money by taking photos. You place a price tag on your photo, which gives you unlimited money-making opportunities through the app.

In the age of websites and blogs, the demand for beautiful photos in different fields is endless. It only takes a few minutes to take and upload photos to this app. Foap allows you to withdraw your earnings through PayPal.

Money Machine

The next name on the list of the best money making apps I want to recommend is Money Machine. This app is similar to others that focus on surveys but also allows you to make money by watching videos and completing other small online tasks. It will notify you when you can complete different types of offers. You can then transfer the rewards to your PayPal account as cash.


This app is usually geared towards those looking to make a few dollars, but you can also become a full-time Gigwalker. You can use the app’s built-in map feature to find gigs near you. Contracts can include things like sorting things together, walking the dog or just doing basic errands. Payment and frequency of gigs depends on where you live.

Well, making money online from your phone has literally never been easier than it is today. Hope you’ll earn a bit of income in no time with these money making apps.

And now, get started with your full time income, work from home, money making machine today!

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