Many people don’t know what to do when their website is hacked. This makes it easier for the hackers to control everything. Therefore, you should learn some serious ways to minimize the damage you receive. Let’s find out 4 simple steps to do when your site is hacked.

What To Do If Your Site Is Hacked?

What To Do If Your Site Is Hacked
What To Do If Your Site Is Hacked

Tell Everyone

Firstly, you should inform everyone about the status of your website. In other words, you must let your customers, users and partners know that your site has been hacked. Don’t hide the problem because it will make things worse.

Contact The Host

Secondly, you need to contact the host immediately. If you’re lucky, they can help you regain the control of that site. In addition, web recovery also takes less time when the host is in the game. However, bringing the website back to normal is not easy. So, you should ask for help from somebody you can trust.

Change The Passwords

Thirdly, we must proceed to change the password immediately like when any account is stolen. In some cases, you can take back control just by doing this. Besides, you need a password complex enough to prevent hackers from guessing them.

Check The Backup

Nowadays, it becomes easier and easier to hack a website. Therefore, we need a backup. It will become your savior when something unfortunate happens. If your site is hacked, double-check your backup to make sure you still have your important information.

How To Protect Your Website

How To Protect Your Website
How To Protect Your Website

Here are 4 things you should do after discovering a hacker has attacked your site. However, you should find the best ways to protect your assets in the first place. Don’t try to do it alone. We need experts in the field of security to tackle this important issue.

In addition, you can use website protection services of reputable brands. For me, is a reasonable choice. They have professional security tools that can work on multiple platforms. Besides that, they also offer malware detection, website backup and more.

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